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Vote the SHIT out of this election

ShortyShorty JUDGE BROSEFRegistered User regular
edited October 2011 in Singularity Engine++
It's that time of year

when we (americans) get ballots in the mail and you fill that fucker out and mail it and then a few weeks later some shit maybe happens

or maybe you go to a booth and pull a lever/punch a card/draw a line/flush a toilet, we ain't picky

let's talk about shit like BALLOT MEASURES and how they almost always sound pretty tits until you actually look into them and everything goes right to shit

now you may point out that this is a stupid time in the election cycle to talk politics since it's a year where nothing major is happening

this was deliberate

since I find local politics to be infinitely more interesting (and incrementally less frustrating) than national politics

so tell me, folks, about the local douchebags who are fucking things up and the rockstars who try to fix it

and I broke parole just to get to you


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