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[EAST] A Twittering song, Twitter at PAX East 2012 (submissions closed)

zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
edited April 2012 in PAX Archive

Twitter is a handy tool for keeping up with PAX lines, announcements, friends and giveaways. Although connections are often spotty in the convention center, Twitter is a pretty easy media to access, and you can even have feeds sent as texts to your cell phone to avoid data charges.

I'll be keeping this thread and the lists updated on a fairly regular basis, so if you have suggestions on what needs to be here, or would like your handle to be added to the attendees list, post away!

This year the lists are going to be kept through a pax community based twitter account that a few people have access to so the lists can be maintained more efficiently and there's a one stop shop for pax related twitter lists. This account resides here: @paxcommunity ... the account holding these lists (will often retweet various pax related things). Not on the list since a list can't follow its owner :(

Non-attendee lists and the hashtags are now kept updated on the Twitter PAX Community Wiki Page

PAX Official Twitters and Important (some Unofficial) Department Feeds for During the Show (List HERE)

PAX Staff: Folks from PA and Reed Pop, those who make PAX go (List HERE)

Community Twitters (most people follow them individually. Due to popular demand, List HERE)

Hashtags To Know
Hashtags serve as a method of connecting conversations on twitter between people that may not be following each other. This is a great way to follow along with certain events that are ongoing during PAX.

Attendees (List HERE) - Post to be added to the list (your tweets must be public to be on the list)!
Due to huge, list is now behind a spoiler for ease of life.
@zerzhul - zerzhul
@SmallLady0 - SmallLady
@Coldbrew71 - Coldbrew
@Frugus - Frugus
@patrickcentral - patrickcentral
@PMS_KTN - Rachelkitten
@Nullzone42 - Nullzone
@amysophie - Moocifer
@MoeFwacky - Moe Fwacky
@Heleor - Heleor
@SakhalinDreamer - Onmitsu
@Lokiale - Lokiale
@aerynkelly - aerynkelly
@dalaamprince - dalaamprince
@gigawell - gigabrain
@itschristacular - HuskyDork
@DaveSchrader - PeasantDave
@tvethiopia - tvethiopia
@t_kreuter - feitocomfruta
@kilonum - Kilonum
@variantform - Vari
@rhil3y - Rhiley
@chrisoregan - kropotkin
@rulesaremyenemy - ukiyo e
@Durinthal - Durinthal
@cloud_walker - Cloudwalker
@pixelchase - Tinkster
@kyuss462 - Kyuss
@sweeneyben - benswimming
@acumen101 - acumen101
@korvas_ - Korvas
@reasonablylucid - BigRed
@BaconSandwiches - BaconSandwich
@loofmodnar - Randomfool
@slamonella - slamonella
@MLCodest - MLCodest
@PolarisDb - polaris314
@nickdavidson - Angrypasta
@jujukoo - juju
@chorazin - Chorazin
@sewingpunzie - punzie
@pureval - pureval
@paullanglois - Trion
@cynthiannamc - cynthetic
@blAAAm_66 - blAAAm!!!
@kingofmars2099 - King of Mars
@_Ray_J - Streetlight345
@seryseraphical - sary
@j0biwan - JobiwanKenobi
@acetheriver - acetheriver
@johnnycisco52 - Johnnycisco
@LTAcosta - LTAcosta
@OneStopToGlory - Kail
@MrArcys - MrArcys
@priseftrinferno - Inferno
@stinkyfebrez3 - Stinky Febrez3
@browncoatbeth - browncoatbeth
@dantack - Danrax
@missmalice_ - missmalice_
@PixelK1tty - PixelKitty
@frabba - Frabba
@Knuckles056 - Knuckles056
@TheAggroCraig - TheAggroCraig
@sofreshsodarryl - sofreshsodarryl
@tonycosens - mishapp
@TAmadeusKing - ThomasAmadeusKing
@pbreardon - Porkchop
@izziebot - Izzie
@Swae816 - Swae
@OHai_ItsTrish - SneakyKittyT
@SpoonProduction - xenard
@MrTraitordores - Traitorious
@chaosisorder - chaosisorder
@masansgaard - MASeffect
@Lady_Lilybell - Lady Lilybell
@Seductive_Kitty - Seductive Kitty
@test_subject_23 - testsubject23
@KellyShepard087 - KellyShepard087
@handgimp - Handgimp
@AngryFacing - muddy9494
@SegadorDAlmas - General Pengwin
@toast4321 - burnttoast45
@TechSavvyWife - adias.angel
@griffin_bruce - griffin.bruce
@AstonishingMike - klokateer9047
@MasterRokku - MasterRokku
@the_hippie - a fraking toaster
@scosner56 - scosner56
@thedandmom - thedandmom
@griff6659 - griff6659
@nataliepi - nataliepi
@mooeth - mooeth
@Drain_001 - Drain
@Miami_Tweet - GooseyGoose
@farcicalfiend - Holyyakker
@Ransim - ransim
@cavecibum - CaveCibum
@pumpionlee - marmaduketwist
@chelseabot - zombiebot
@cmax88 - laivindil
@EscoBlades - EscoBlades
@PrototypeAxl - Prototype Axl
@vttym - vttym
@ZeroHourHero - ZeroHourHero
@fzzylogic - -=Antimatter=-
@competitioninme - sassfactor4
@GG_MissJess - SFXMissJess
@strangestatic - StrangeStatic
@maxdigssnakpax - Local H Jay
@PurpleBek - PurpleBek
@BigDumbHippy - BigDumbHippy
@ccesarano - GrimRupert
@DaltonCarl - DaltonCarl
@nasum - tortured3
@AoAEchoZero - EchoZero
@that1natureboy - alfalfadude
@TopherXPwns - TopherRocks
@ottoman673 - ottoman673
@xrebekahleighx - girlgamer88
@cheezit - BinaryPie
@thejordan - thejordan
@UUSchwartz - Direwolf
@LunarEnigma - goodtimeshaxor
@shadowandfire - shadowfae
@HarpuaScorpio - HarpuaScorpio
@DanPax12 - GhostDan
@OMG_Scrump - Scrump
@macrogeek - macrogeek
@Sidepocket - JWhite
@seanmadi - seanmadi
@DJTeknoMonkey - TeknoMonkey
@Rascalhouse - rascal
@retro - blackbird
@lesterleesm - Fenrisknight
@mrgonepax2012 - MrGone1980
@dmmagic - DMmagic
@zombie112 - zombie112
@geekbabe - geekbabe
@TemigGaming - Temig

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