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The Mustaches will be upon us all

YaYaYaYa Rick and Morty forever and ever 100 years!a100timesRickandMorty.comRegistered User regular
edited October 2011 in Singularity Engine++
so it's October 29th over here, and I just did my first shave where I avoided my upper lip

that's right kids

it's time for


the time of year when we can unleash our inner Burt Reynolds and Ron Swanson, and do it all for a good cause! every Movember participant is not only growing some swank-ass facial hair but is also raising money for awareness and treatment of prostate issues and depression in men. they've managed to raise 178 million dollars since their inception, which is a lot of mustaches!

find out more info and register here: , make sure to post your profile when the month starts!

here we'll talk about our own mustache progress as well as famous mustaches in history

for now, I'll leave you with this


and also this!

YaYa on


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