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Sonic CD - PC, 360, PS3, Android, iOS. Out now - console ver $5, android/iOS ver $2

TheSonicRetardTheSonicRetard Registered User regular
edited December 2011 in Games and Technology
Android version out now at Gamestop. All other versions coming in December.

So I figured with the re-release of Sonic CD coming soon, it might be time to split discussion from the Sonic Generations topic. If you haven't been keeping up, this port of Sonic CD is balls to ass fantastic. It is NOT emulation - Sega hired Taxman, from Sonic Retro, to handle the port himself. He has completely rewritten the game engine, subbing in his fantastic Retro Engine (which, if you've been paying attention, you might know from Sonic Nexus, which has thus been cancelled), and it sports a load of improvements, including:

1) TRUE widescreen 15:9 support
2) Improved 60 fps framerate (plus new animations for several objects to take advantage of this, such as including additional frames of spinning for the rings, taken from Knuckles Chaotix)
3) Even higher quality opening and closing animation than seen in Sonic Mega Collection
4) Ability to select between classic Sonic CD and Sonic 2 physics
5) Ability to select between classic Sonic CD spindash or the Sonic 2-Knuckles spindash
6) Ability to play as Tails
7) Per-pixel touch up of all the sprites to replace dithering effect with true, new color blends
8) True alpha blending in several locations
9) Much improved scaling on the special stages

And a load of other surprises which haven't been revealed yet.

Earlier today, someone snapped video of Sonic CD at Gamestop showing off the new menus:

Sega has pretty much comitted to giving us a downloadable Sonic game every year from here on out, and this enhanced port of Sonic CD is this year's offering (with Sonic 4 episode 1 being last years). Sega has said they'll be watching the reception to Sonic CD closely, implying that its performance could influence the direction of Sonic 4 Episode 2. I can't recommend enough that people pick this port up, because it's NOT the usual lazy emulation people are used to seeing. This will be, without a doubt, the definitive version of Sonic CD when it's all said and done.


Official trailer:

Video Taxman used to pitch the game to Sega:

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I should mention that the Android version of the game supports external bluetooth controllers.

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