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Reinstalling Windows 7 with an upgrade disk...

schattenjaegerschattenjaeger Registered User regular
edited November 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
Pretty straightforward mess I may have gotten myself into: My old pre-built Dell came with Windows Vista. A year or so ago I decided to upgrade to Windows 7, got the upgrade version, and did that.

Just a few days ago I constructed a new PC, though I hung on to the same hard drives. I still had to reinstall the OS because I changed everything else, including mobo and CPU. Not even anticipating the problem (I would have anticipated it if I was using a fully blank HD, but I was installing on top of my old fully functional copy of Windows 7, I thought it'd be ok with that) I installed it. I was suspicious since it wouldn't accept the product key during the install, but you can just skip past that and activate online later. Well, now I'm trying to activate online and it's telling me that the upgrade version can't be used for a full install. ruh-roh. NOW I do some research and I see that the proper way to accomplish this goal would have been to reinstall my copy of Vista first, then re-upgrade to 7. Assuming my Dell came with a copy of Vista on a CD, I'm skeptical it's survived my journeys for the last four years, and assuming it did I'd be pretty annoyed to have to reinstall my OS again. Anybody have any experience with this? Can I get it sorted on the phone?


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