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    Figgy wrote:
    CroakerBC wrote:
    There is a demo.

    Unfortunately, whilst Hilton staff were very understanding when I sucked down 4 gig of LA Noire on their wireless, I think they may be slightly less so if I do it again for demo purposes. I could probably stand the discussion if I bought it though, hence the initial query - and thanks guys, this is dead useful.

    Do hotels actually track bandwidth usage from their guests?

    I've never heard of one doing this. It's usually so damn slow, I'd be surprised if you could even hit 4gigs in a weekend.

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    Since we've just hit 100, and you asked, @TychoCelchuuu, I went ahead and created a new thread. Partially just so I could have it bookmarked before I go to bed.

    Yeah, maybe I follow this thread a little too hard, but there it is.


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    edit: wrong thread

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