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Fantasy Signups Now Open [BASKETBALL]

NiryaNirya THE NEXT STAGEIN E-BO-LUTIONRegistered User regular
edited October 2013 in Singularity Engine++
Basketball is back! You know, that sport where extremely tall people bounce a ball around and attempt to stuff it in a small hole.

The college season has been going on for a few weeks now, and we've already had a few upsets (UNLV over UNC, Long Beach State over Pitt, everyone over UCLA). The usual suspects are near the top of the rankings, including this guy, who I guess holds a record for most wins or something now. Who cares, he's still a jerk.


Most of the preseason tournaments are over, so enjoy the last few weeks of nonconference games before the conference season begins and everyone begins to talk about how strong the Big East is (see, because in basketball, the Big East is actually good).

Meanwhile, that little bump in the road known as the NBA lockout is finally over, as everyone decided they wanted to make some money. The season's going to be shortened a bit, and will be opening on Christmas Day, supposedly with the Celtics hosting the Knicks, NBA Champion Mavericks hosting the Heatles, and the greatest franchise ever Lakers hosting the Bulls. All of this is tentative, though.

Plus it means the return of NBA style champion Kevin Durant.


Feel free to talk about your favorite team, your hatred of all things Duke, and in what hilarious way the Knicks will manage to lose this year.


Maximum wrote: »
If anyone got an email invite, ignore it. Apparently Yahoo switched up their registration process and the only way to invite new people to a renewed league is by email and I'm not doing that.

So, we're starting over with...

The SE++ Tribute to David Stern

Let's aim high this year and get 8 people instead of 6.

Draft is tentatively set for 5pm PST on 10/19

Any suggestions, please let me know, and if that link doesn't work or you have problems joining don't blame me. Yahoo changed all their shit again this year and I'm tired of looking at their terrible new background.

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