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2011: A Year in Review

Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver Registered User, ClubPA regular
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It's now December, we are a mere 30 days from the end of the world in 2012.

So let's share our fond memories of 2011, what has happened to us and what has happened to the world.

For me, 2011 was the most chaotic, turbulent time of my life. I almost died Three separate times (two of which I'll share here), I finished law school, got my ostomy reversed, and began my career.

January 2011: I am earnestly wanting to die. None of the treatments for my crohn's have worked and I am in an enormous amount of pain and can barely move.
February 2011: Get new treatment of Crohn's! Sweet! It works! I stay up for 72 hours and feel amazing! I then immediately go to a climbing wall, fall off the climbing wall, and tear part of my intestines out of the ostomy 'socket' as it were, causing a massive prolapse of the intestinal material and an enormous amount of pain.
March 2011: Immediately following Stale-PAX 11', which was amazing, I am hospitalized to do a 'revision' of the ostomy to secure it in place. After the surgery, I somehow am in more pain than I was before the surgery and almost immediately prolapse again.
April 2011: http://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/141131/tornado-destroyed-my-house/p1
Alright, I have internet!

First off, a picture of my house from an aerial view:


And a view from my house from the front:


And what is left from the vacant house across the street:


A mile wide tornado rips through the state of Alabama and destroys my house while I am inside it. It was a rental that I shared with other law students, so no memories were lost. I only survived because 10 minutes before the tornado hit, I got a text message asking simply "are you OK?" This text message woke me up, made me check the weather online, and gave me time to hop in the restroom. My room is the upper-left hand corner of the top picture. You can imagine what would have happened if I had been in there instead of in the bathroom, where the ceiling did not collapse and I was able to keep debris out by keeping the door closed.

Law school decided not to cancel exams. I take all of my exams, I walk at graduation, I get my bar study books late due to the storm, and live in a hotel for the month.

June-July: I study for and take the bar exam. I am in enormous pain the entire time due to the prolapse returning. I do not think I will pass and view passing the bar as impossible. I worry about my job security and what I will do when the inevitable news comes.

August: Woo Pax Woo
September: With my health worsening, work let's me have time off to go to the Mayo Clinic to get an ostomy revision done. I have to go up to the Mayo clinic because the surgeon who performed the revision in March has 'fired' me and refuses to have anything more to do with me. A more local doctor insists that the only way to do a revision is by cutting away prolapsing tissue. I tell him he's full of shit and leave.
September-October: Good news! The ostomy can be taken down, I can live a normal life! Bad news! There were massive complications, the intestines aren't starting up like they should, I am vomitting every day to the point where they have to put a PIC line in. I'm on a morphine pump but it doesn't help the pain. I am like this for three weeks before finally being released.
October: I find out I passed the academic portion of the bar! This was totally unexpected news and is totally boss hog killer.
November: After missing a week of work due to intense pain, vomitting, and fever, I am ordered to take sick leave and get my problems addressed because, and I quote: "All the things you have done are worthless if you end up dead." Turns out, this was a fairly accurate statement. There was a stricture which reduced an area at the end of my digestive tract to 2 mm wide and was close to being completely shut off. Which would have meant no food could go in and nothing could leave. They performed a procedure to expand it to 16mm.
December/Current: I am recovering from a massive digestive infection from the complication of being 'backed-up' for so long. I should be back to work next week and, hopefully, will be right as rain in the future.

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