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Wireless Headphones for TV usage.

Banzai5150Banzai5150 Registered User regular
As the title says, I'm looking for a set of headphones to listen to the TV through. I'm not looking for anything high quality but it's a gift for my Mother and I don't want to listen to her bitch about them either. I've seen a few listed here and there, and of course a set that's being hawked on TV itself. Just looking for some input for anyone that has either shopped for them before or preferably used some. Thanks in advance.

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  • DarlanDarlan Registered User regular
    I was just coming in here to make a similar thread too. I'm in a small apartment with two other guys and it seems like our free time just never lines up, so I always have to choose between being an asshole and not playing games on the tv when I want to. I'd be nice to get input on ways to pipe tv audio, including attached consoles, to headphones.

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  • SporkAndrewSporkAndrew Registered User, ClubPA regular
    I have a set of Sennheiser 120 wireless headphones that work great.

    I plug them into my xbox with a 3 1/2mm -> RCA adapter, switch them to the TV when the wife is asleep and plug them into my computer when I'm mowing the lawn / hoovering. The RF signal has a decent range, but the fit of the headphones themselves are a bit loose. If you're doing anything strenuous then you'll need an elastic headband to hold them in place, but for $50 you can't really expect a better fit.

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  • NormanPrideNormanPride Registered User
    If you get another set of headphones can you use the same transmitter, or do you need two? We're having a kid soon and our place has fairly thin walls, so it would be nice to be able to listen to TV while not waking said kid up.

  • SporkAndrewSporkAndrew Registered User, ClubPA regular
    I don't see why they wouldn't -- with the Sennheisers it's just an RF signal at the end of the day. You can buy the headphones without the transmitter but you'd need to take it in turns charging them every now and then (or stock up on AA batteries)

    The one about the fucking space hairdresser and the cowboy. He's got a tinfoil pal and a pedal bin. His father's a robot and he's fucking fucked his sister. Lego. They're all made of fucking lego.
  • acidlacedpenguinacidlacedpenguin Registered User regular
    provided your TV has an optical out or any kind of sound-out for that matter, you might want to look into astro mixamps. With wired ones you can daisy chain them together and be able to chat through the mic without having to yell at each other. With wireless ones you can just buy the one RX/TX pack and buy a separate RX for up to 3 other headsets. It's a little more expensive than other wireless options but it does give you the advantage of being able to use whatever headset(s) you want: ear buds, in-ear monitors, or full-size cans.

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  • Banzai5150Banzai5150 Registered User regular
    Just ordered the Sennheiser 120's and will report back once I get them. I had thought about getting these before, but wasn't sure. So thanks for the recommendation.

    GFWL: ObsoletePaper | Uplay: Banzai5150
  • lowlylowlycooklowlylowlycook Registered User regular
    I bought the Sennheiser 120's for my dad. They seem to work pretty well.

    (Please do not gift. My game bank is already full.)
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