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Hold Onto Your Corn, It's the Last [Debate Thread] Before the Iowa Primary!



  • Sir LandsharkSir Landshark Registered User regular
    The Ender wrote:
    That was interesting to watch.

    I got to see some of the old Ron Paul... the phony Ron Paul... that I used to like so much, so that was all warm and nostalgic for me.
    No. If they did have a nuclear weapon, their missiles can't get anywhere near us, and their navy would be sunk long before they got anywhere close to cruise missile range.

    ...That's not really accurate. I mean, all you have to do is load the bomb onto a rocket, get a pretty rough idea of how long you want it to fly before it runs out of fuel, and load it up / launch it. It's not hard to make a ballistic missile.

    You sure about that? Wikipedia tells me only 3 contries have ICBMs...so maybe it is hard? I'm not a weapons expert.

    Please consider the environment before printing this post.
  • PhantPhant Registered User regular
    There is a pretty solid difference between a ballistic missile and a ICBM. The home made rockets that Hamas builds in Palestine to shoot over the wall are technically ballistic missiles, an ICBM needs fairly sophisticated guidance and propulsion systems to get where its going.

  • Sir LandsharkSir Landshark Registered User regular
    The context of the quote was about Iran being able to launch nukes at us, which I believe requires an ICBM.

    Please consider the environment before printing this post.
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