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3DS Ambassador Fight Round II - It's WarioWare you Rotters! Week 1: Wario/Jimmy/Skipping

Jam WarriorJam Warrior Registered User regular
edited December 2011 in Games and Technology

Stealing from the thing what mntorankusu ran when we got the NES games.

So, we mugs, early adopters, ambassadors have received our free GBA games. And a damn fine collection of gems they are!

Taking advantage of this wave of people having new access to the games at the same time, I reckon it's time to set up a good old fashioned high score table on the game that was practically designed for the task.


There being so many different potential scores to chase I propose we split things up a bit. Week by week slowly introducing new games in the order they unlock in the game.

Playing on any valid medium is fine but we'll stick to scores that have been gained since the ambassador games released to keep things a bit more current and dynamic.

It's all just for funs so we're operating on the honour system. Feel free to screenshot any excellent scores but it's in no way a requirement. We'll believe you if you say you got it.

So without further ado, week one's games and some rubbish scores to kick things off.

Wario (Introduction):

1) Sangheili91: 108
2) Boognish: 66
3) Jam Warrior: 59
4) ArcSyn: 27

Jimmy (Set 1):

1) Jam Warrior: 73
2) ArcSyn: 60
3) Sangheili91: 40

Jump Forever:

1) mntorankusu: 142
2) Sangheili91: 127
3) Jam Warrior: 115

Session one to run until at least Mon 26th Dec but it being the holidays it may run a little longer! After that we'll switch main focus to the next set of games but will still accept scores on the old ones.

Please post scores in a fun colour of your choice and the form [Forum Name]: [Score] for easy copy/pasting.

Jam Warrior on


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