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(this thread is mod approved)

programming refers to the process of designing, debugging, maintaining etc the source code of computer programs. it is done by people like this:


[chat]ting refers to the communal joking, arguing, sniping, sexing, herping, derping, and socialization of a bunch of internet people. coincidentally, i have a group portrait on hand of our [chat] community:


there's… a bit of overlap

on some real talk though programming rulesssssssssss

i still have (i think) the first program i ever wrote! before i knew anything about modulo!
#include <math.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int main (int argc, const char * argv[])
    int sum1 = 0;
    int sum2 = 0;
    int sum3 = 0;
    int total;
    for (int i = 3; i < 1000; i=i+3)
        sum1 = sum1 + i;
    for (int i = 5; i < 1000; i=i+5)
        sum2 = sum2 + i;
    for(int i = 15; i < 1000; i=i+15)
        sum3 = sum3 + i;
    total = (int)sum1 + (int)sum2 - (int)sum3;
    printf("The sum of all natural multiples of three (%d) and five (%d) through 1,000, excepting \n overlap from common multiples (%d) is %d.\n", sum1, sum2, sum3, total);
    return 0;

now it's six months later and i'm writing an interactive scrabble helper type application!

so talk about variables and typecasting and finite math… or, i don't know. talk about boobs and french films, like usual.

on some real talk, mods ain't happy about how y'all have been acting. since will has been, like, programming stuff and doing bar trivia, kosh does a lot of the modding in this forum by himself. he was angry at what happened today and next time (let there not be a next time, neckbeards!) it might take him more than a few hours to decompress from all the stress this thread gives him. please just be nice!



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