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Video on nephew's Ipod (from a Ipod newb)

WiseManTobesWiseManTobes Registered User regular
edited December 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
I am a total Ipod newb, but got my nephew one cause he wanted one, and I thought maybe he knew how they worked, since he was adamant about me getting him that over a laptop, ( altho my answer is quickly becoming exchange it for a laptop)

I've tried converting a dvd, I've tried multiple Mpeg4's/movs/etc, I cannot get the damn thing to recognize a video, I put the music on it fine, but can't get a video of any kind on it, just mostly wanted to toss a movie on it for his flight home. Is there a way to turn it into a drag and drop or something. every google search seems to lead me to Jailbreaking guides, and well if he's gonna be this newb, I wanna make sure he can bring it somewhere when he screws it up, so would prefer not to jailbreak it.

Any tips/tricks for video? do only Downloaded from Itunes count? is there a way I can put a Dvd on it? ( considering I bought him some dvd movies he hadn't seen when it was still a laptop plan rofl)


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