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A Christmas miracle (luck/car thread)

bwaniebwanie Registered User regular
edited December 2011 in Singularity Engine++
Sometimes, the universe just decides to smile rather than shit on you for a change.

Two weeks ago, on the same day mind you, i scored a 1000 euro worth of perfect condition 2nd hand clothes for 37 euro (7 designer pieces), as well as getting 100 dollars off on a pair of super comfy, super slick leather shoes because some store clerk forgot to take them out of the store for winter sale.

Today this happened:

I just got a new Job and needed to still pick a company car as i opted for a temporary car. The temp car was a civic hybrid which i am absolutely in love with.

So today, totally on a whim i decided, that's my car. Talked to my boss who gave the go-ahead to get an offer from a dealer.

"Ring-ring. Yes this is so-and-so, can you quote me on the civic hybrid? Black, full option except 16" rims and leather please.

"They're sold out EVERYWHERE and no-more will be available (* honda is pulling the plug in favor of that fuck-ugly insight piece of crap).

"....well FUCK."

I was devastated. This car has everything. Navigation, automatic, is not prius-ugly and is pretty zippy.

AND, most importantly, due to tax-laws would only cost me 160 euro a month, where a similar non-hybrid car would be 250 easily.

But, i got a hold of a dealer who had a 2 month old demo in my preferred color (metallic black), willing to sell if i could find a lease company willing to take a first-owner car into their fleet. They offered me a 5000 euro discount for it being a demo.

My boss pulled some favors and strings and even agreed on me getting the full nav + 16" inch rims + leather.
And it will only cost me like 140 euro a month now!


You guys had any good fortune lately? Or talk about cars i guess, if you're one of those unlucky types.

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