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[EAST] Pre-PAX East Pig Roast Information - Payment details added!

trinistandtrinistand Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in PAX Archive
Hi all, after talking to a few folks at the monthly Boston PAXer meetup at JJ Foley's, I figured why not book another event for early PAXEast attendees. Especially for PAX food enthusiasts :)

Quick hit summary:
What : Family Style Pig Roast - Appetizers and dinner!
Date : Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 - 7pm
Where : Citizen Public House (Fenway area)
Cost : $50 (Covers the cost of dinner+tax+tip. Drinks are separate, more details below)

There's only a limited number of spaces available. Right now the restaurant capped us at 20 but if there's significant interest, I'll call them back and see if we can add to that. So, to that end, spots are first come first served. If we get over 20, I figure it'd only be appropriate (provided I can't get the restaurant to increase the reservation) to determine order by die roll.

Interest list:
[PAID] trinistand
[PAID] khadour + 1
[PAID] jujukoo + pinder
[PAID] arsonisfun
[PAID] septagon
[PAID] SmallLady + burnttoast45
[PAID] Lirelent
[PAID] wormdundee
[PAID] durinthal
[PAID] LexiconGrrl + JobiWanKenobi
[PAID] Chaosisorder + Emod
[PAID] aioua
[PAID] Dangeresquetoo + 1
[PAID] Jacaus

Kiashien + 1

Payment details : Payment due by Wednesday, February 29th. If I haven't received payment (or notification payment is on it's way), I'll be going to the waitlist. You'll have 3 options : Paypal, check, or giving me cash either in person or through a proxy. PM me for details.

More info!
- I have to give a headcount to the restaurant way in advance, March 4th in fact.
- This means that the # people is finalized and that I'll need to be paid. Sorry, no way around this...if I give the restaurant the headcount and X people no-show, I end up footing the bill.
- The $50 cost (I know it's expensive, but it's whole suckling pigs!) only covers what's listed on the website : the appetiziers, mains, and sides that THEY bring out. If you order anything else, including drinks (and probably dessert), that's extra. The best way to manage this is probably to open your own tab at the restaurant.
- Vegetarian options are available - The restaurant will make sure (as part of the pig roast) that there are vegetarian appetizers, entrees, and sides. Please let me know in advance so I can tell the restaurant.
- It may be possible to attend just to hang out but not participate in the roast. If there are enough folks in this category, I'll call the restaurant and maybe I can make a reservation for regular tables (ordering off the normal menu)
- I checked with the restaurant and folks of all ages are welcome
- IMPORTANT : Please let me know if you have any allergies to things such as shellfish! The night wouldn't be so fun if someone has to be rushed to the hospital!
- I won't rule out re-booking to a bigger venue if there's a huge amount of interest. It's early enough these things can be fluid :)
- This is separate from the Pre-PAX dinner. Come to both! :)

Notes for trinistand:
- Allergies to walnuts, almonds, uncooked apples
- Grain (Wheat, Rice, Corn)
- No dairy

trinistand on


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