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[2012 Resolution Thread] Draw Every Day!

NibCromNibCrom Registered User regular
edited January 2013 in Artist's Corner
So how do you become a better artist? Practice! And that means drawing every day, no matter what.

A sketch, a doodle, a full-blown painting — it doesn't matter! Just draw something!

Sign up by making a post stating that you want to participate. Feel free to also list any art-related goals you have for the year (draw hands better, learn perspective, study color theory…).

Participants (in order of appearance):
"My goal is to stick with it no matter what life throws my way."

"My goals: learn proper basic anatomy and some digital painting."

"goal: draw from life practice"

-Fill all the empty sketchbooks I own.
-To not be a coward when it comes to value (darker darks, etc).
-Master copies.
-Produce more finished work.
-Learn how to use that damn tablet finally."

"Goals more specifically:
- drawing people, faces, anatomy in general
- digital painting
- colors (how do they work)
- hopefully make something interesting"

"Goals: Color, Better digital painting. Finish 100 full figure studies."

"Goal: Post 7 drawings in this thread every Saturday."

"Goals: Finish more pieces, learn more painting, revamp portfolio"

"Goal: -Enjoy myself drawing stuff with pen.
-Draw recognizable real world objects (starting with dolls and teddybears)
-Also fix my scanner.
-play less Dota and draw instead."

-Sketch more frequently
-Gain a better grasp on natural anatomy
-Adjust to using drawing software other than Photoshop from time to time"

-Work on concept artish style character and level sketches
-Get better at integrating illustrator and Photoshop
-Draw more!"

"My goals are to grow as an artist, I have a story I want to tell and I want my art to reach a level that I can tell that story and have people enjoy it. I want to increase the artistic styles I have available to me, as such I want to practice real life drawings, Penny Arcade Style Drawings, Bill Watterson Style (ie Calvin and Hobbes Style Drawings) and Beserk (ie gritty manga style)

"I'll sign up to post sketches and doodles. I can be impatient and lazy to get to that perfection of practiced skill, so I want to make myself draw every day!"

"Ok. I guess my goal is just to learn to draw. Used to do it loads but gave up 5 years ago and now want to get back into it in a serious way. I feel like a lot of what I draw is flat and stiff so I primarily want to work on making solid looking forms with movement. Also better line work, learning to shade and learning anatomy. I think that'll do to start. "

-Actually fill all the pages of my sketchbook (a feat I have not yet accomplished despite having owned dozens of sketchbooks)
-Develop a better working habit and draw every day
-Complete 15-20 full-color digital illustrations for my portfolio
-Get enough practice in before I begin work on my comic book"

  • You are to submit one drawing per each day this year, starting… now! It can be as big or as small as you want, in any medium, any style. For photographers, one picture. It must not be something you already made. It shouldn't be something you did for school or work, it should be a drawing you made to help you reach the goals you set out to reach in this thread. (but if it doesn't pertain specifically to one of your goals, it still counts.)
  • Do not submit your drawings each day. Saturday is the last day of the week, Make a post and dump all 7 drawings from that week into a post. Don't spoiler it.
  • For the sake of sanity while loading this thread, keep the file size as small as you can (400x600 works pretty well), you can always link to the super-huge-sized original.
  • You're invited, but not required, to include any reasonable commentary with your Saturday art post, AND for those who do post on Saturday, you're allowed one (1) feedback post on the following non-art weekdays (yes, that's Sunday through Friday). This isn't a thread for crits and advice, but it's all good fun to high-five after a job well done.

What if I fail?
First, stop thinking like that!
Second, your art can be as easy or difficult as you like. If a week is particularly hectic, ship in a bunch of stick figures and keep your resolution alive. Remember, quality does not matter, just do your best with the time you have.

Third, we can't legally admit to looking over your shoulder every hour of every day. If you don't do anything all week, then create all 7 art pieces on Saturday, no one is going to call you on it. Except your conscience.

And if you do turn into a Faily McFailington, you can always come back next week and try again. Just don't say you're going to "make it up later." You can't. When you miss a week, you miss a week.

What About Crits?
This is not a good place to discuss a particular piece of work at length.
If you would like criticism and feedback, it's best to create your very own personalized thread and link to it on your Saturday post.
Although criticism is very important to improving, the focus here is on motivating you to be an artist each and every single day of 2012.

But... but... I Don't Know What to Draw!
Beavotron's advice:

Slacktron's advice:

Nibcrom's advice:

Like last year, I will be drawing every day, but I will not be taking the time to scan them and post them in this thread due to some upcoming responsibilities.

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Some text stolen from Beavotron and Slacktron.

Iruka on


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