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haters only

The Lovely BastardThe Lovely Bastard Registered User regular
edited January 2012 in Singularity Engine++
Okay so we've had sad threads and happy threads and depression threads and bitching threads and even circlejerk threads all up in this place, and that is all fine and dandy, but we need to let loose already. It's time to spit hot venom at all people and things that just plain piss us off.

Hatred is good. It is fun. Be vicious, and shred everything in your wake. Talk about anything that is ticking you off. Don't whine and bitch and moan, that's for fat babies. No passive aggression here, only aggressive aggression. No need to be snide or coy or a flighty old wordsmith, just profanity laced vitriol.

It'll be cathartic. Just completely tear into a thing. Any thing.

Or you can just tell me how much you hate me. All poison is good poison to me.



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