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[EAST] Planning stages - a post-PAX Party (Sunday)

jujujuju Registered User regular
edited January 2012 in PAX Archive
Hey guys!

As you guys know, the Post PAX Party in Seattle for Prime is kind of a big deal. Nothing like that from a PAX Community standpoint has been established for PAX East though. I have a few leads as to where to throw a Sunday night fete, but I do need your help!

If you guys are interested in some sort of shindig (probably 21+ at a bar or somesuch, and perhaps a DJ/dancing could be arranged) please post here ASAP so if there's enough interest we can swing something together!! Of course, for Year 1, it will be pretty tough to plan something to the caliber of the Seattle PPP, but we all gotta start somewhere!

No guarantee I can put something together but if there is interest, something WILL be arranged!

- juju

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