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[MISC] Things have been learned: Pre-PAX East Montreal Meetup at Foonzo March 9th!

FrugusFrugus PodcasterRegistered User regular
edited March 2012 in PAX Archive
Where: Foonzo - 1245 Drummond Street, Montreal, QC H3G 1V8.
When: March 9th at 8 pm
Reservation name: Frugus
Venue is 18+

I've arranged for a meet and greet with people from the area who plan on going to PAX East 2012. I extend the invitation to anyone who is game to make the trip (this goes for you, people of Plattsburgh, Burlington and Ottawa!).

Yes, there are enough of us already to make this worthwhile!

Foonzo is a parlour for Geeks. It’s a bar, a bubble tea house, a board game lounge and video game salon. It will be the perfect place to chat about the upcoming event, swap stories and answer questions to those who never went there. Pics can be found here.

I’ve already made a reservation to my name (Frugus) based on the number of people who showed interested. If you wish to attend, please respond to this post so I can add you as well.

Kiki_Lou + 1

Maybe Attending:

Where is it exactly? : Foonzo is located down town near the Bell Center, it can be easily reached via the public transportation system.
Is there food?: Pub entrees like nachos, sandwiches and dumplings mostly, but nothing for an actual meal. All kinds of other drinks can be found (obviously), including but not limited to Bubble Tea. Alcohol is served, thus the place is 18+,

Frugus on


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