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edited February 2012 in Critical Failures
Legoland has been slowly polluted by crappy Legos. Beginning with everything that wasn’t pirates or castles in the early 1990s, Lego have gone downhill. Towns, awful ninjas (in multiple incarnations), Toy Story, Avatar, and even Batman have had uninspired and relatively bland sets. That’s not to say that they aren’t still awesome (being Legos and all), but compared to the glory of the late 80s and early 90s, more recent Legos are pretty lacking.

This changes now! Some vigilant (and super-awesome) Legos are determined to get things back to the way they once were, even if that means throwing every lousy Lego in a microwave and pushing the “30 second” button 10 times. Good luck to all of you crappy Legos who want to survive the purge!

This will be a fairly basic phalla, although there are very little in the way of true vanillagers. Please don’t role-call, ask about mechanics in-thread (PM me first, if it’s needed I’ll post it in-thread), and so forth. There will be a few alt win cons. There will not be conversions. I’d like to hit 50 sign-ups in the next day or two. I’ll have someone look over my set-up to double-check it for balance. Obviously that person probably shouldn’t play, so if you want to sit this one out but help make sure nothing is too broken, PM me.

Dr. H would like to wish you good luck

5 CaptainPlanet
6 Gumpy
13 paccavi
15 Gaslight (You will have fun with this. Even if you're day 1'd)
17 Tayrun
25 Slym
27 Mascara305
31 Vertroue
34 Citizen
37 Kias
41 tzeentchilng

The melted dead

Antimatter the Crappy Megablocks figure, slashed to bits - MAFIA
Corvidae the Generic Townsperson, feathered with arrows - MAFIA
and Jackisreal, the Lego(s) gamepiece who was voted off by the heartless village


Flarne the Game Piece - Blown up by a Bomb
Warban the Bus Driver - Broken to bits by a teething tot
piL the Troll from Dwarf Castle - Blown up by a Bomb
MrTlicious the Robot Command Center - Ripped apart by dense rock matter

AkimboLegs the Pirate killed by Mafia
Stever777 the Joker - Killed by Mafia

Retaba, Aang the Last Airbender - Mafia
Bedlam the Martian - Mafia
Void Slayer - Anakin Suckwalker - Ray Gun'd by Mafia
Kime - Closest thing to a vanillager - Gun'd down in the prime of life
Ketbra - Ninjago - Vig'd
Lucedes - Vote

CapFalcon - Loki - Feather'd by the Mafia

Malkor - Robin Hood - Spun out like he was hung out
Cythraul - Cop - Cut the Blue Wire with White Stripes
Assuran - Acher - Mafia - Caught in the blast

Towndrunk34 - Cop - Mafia'd
Langly the Crappy Megablocks figure - Mafia'd
Void Slayer - Darth Vader - Mafia'd - Unblockable Death Ray
JDarksun the Princess - Vote - Shat by Spat

Daniant - Pirate Captain - Ripped apart by dueling vigs.

ThatDudeOverThere - Cop - Diaper Dandy'd by the mob
Phyphor - Wolverine - Mafia'd
38thDoe - Crappy little dwarf - Mafia'd
BobCesca - Cop - Adamantium allergy

See317 - pirate - Michael Keaton'd

SeGaTai the Firefighter

Cayrus, Wonder Woman
Shiny New Toys the Soccer Hooligan

sportzboytjw on
Walkerdog on MTGO
TylerJ on League of Legends (it's free and fun!)


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