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Shut Up Weird Al is Awesome

naengwennaengwen Registered User regular
edited February 2012 in Singularity Engine++
This guy


He's got style parodies

And polka medlies

And parody parodies

And awesome stuff

Also he makes fun of pop songs too, that's pretty cool.

Also something about kick ass music videos that you'll have to go to YouTube and sit through 30 seconds of advertising to see.

Also he had a TV show and a movie which are largely considered by all critics everywhere to be... y'know what fuck critics.

And he probably has his own postage stamp and his face on a form of currency in a foreign country, I'm sure.

Point is, there ought to be at least ten threads worth of people professing their undying love to him every second on this forum alone.

The mods might be cross about that though so we'll start with this one. Get to professin'.



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