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MLP: FiM: For the New Lunar Old Republic

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(and now the copypaste from last thread because I'm tired)

Ground rules continuing in effect:
  • No questionable art/stories/shipping/etc. We do not condone any sexualizing of the characters. Yes, we know The Internet does it. The Internet does that with everything. If people want to prejudge here based on there, that's their issue, but this thread is to be devoid of such content.
  • No linking to full episodes, with the exception of The Hub's website which has an episode or two plus a bunch of clips. The full series (including new episodes as they air) is available on iTunes. DVD releases are scheduled, but only in a single-disc, few episodes at a time format, due to retailers only wanting those as they sell better to parents. Box sets or blu-rays aren't on the horizon at the moment, so iTunes is your official support-the-show-with-dollars purchase spot. If you're not in a country where they offer it there, pester them until they do, I guess.

Upcoming episodes:
  • Season Three, times and dates TBA

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