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[SSX] World class tunnel physics simulator

mere_immortalmere_immortal So tasty!Registered User regular
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Wait, isn't this that grimdark thing everyone hated?

Hell no! The original reboot was subtitled "Deadly Descents" and had a darker tone when it was shown, however the developers have changed the style to something maybe not so crazy as Tricky, but more akin to SSX 3.

But aren't there still wingsuits?

Yes! They kept the neat stuff from the original trailer, so you'll still be equipping various pieces of equipment to make your way through the game. The wingsuits will be needed to cover huge cravasses, you'll be using oxygen for racing down the highest runs, armour for fighting against nature while trying to outrun avalanches and headlamps for night runs. You still have your more traditional gear in the form of boards and outfits, with thousands of randomised items to purchase with in game currency earned from races and online play.

So where's the fake mountain this time?

This is where the new SSX breaks from the series tradition. The devs have take satellite photography and topographical data from several real world mountain ranges and tweaked them to make hundreds of drops on a bunch of different mountains. You'll be racing and tricking down the Himalayas to the Alps and everywhere inbetween, all the while giving each run the traditional SSX flavour.

Shutup and show me!








Ok this looks pretty awesome, can I play with my buddies?

Of course! There are rumours that splitscreen may be added in a post-game patch, but don't hold your breath. Whatever this is the 21st century, so EA are doing multiplayer as such with this:


If you've played NFS: Hot Pursuit you've seen something like this before. Ridernet is a constant online presence, recoding times and ghost runs on everything you do in the game. Your times and score are compared against the people on your friends list and if you beat them you'll move above them in the rankings and net a few credits in the process. There are a lot more options available too, you can pick dudes to pit yourself against from the leaderboards, take people off your own lists if they are not worthy of your time and plonk down collectables in fiendish locations for people to pick up. Check out the video above form more.

The following should also clear up any issues regarding the "classic" races with all competitors on the mountain at once.
Q: Does SSX have real MP or is it that ghost stuff where your friend isn't really live on the mountain with you…and can you talk to your friend(s) while you're playing online?

A: Of course! Global events are real-time events against other people playing SSX online at the same time and on the same drop as you are. There are time-based tournaments running on every drop in the SSX universe – for example a 15 minute event seeing who can set the highest trick score before the clock hits zero. You pay some in-game credits to enter and are awarded credits based on which bracket you finish in and how many people were in the event – which can be thousands! And you can join them and leave them anytime you want. You don’t have to be there when they start or when they end, just drop in, post a score and move onto another event if you like. Or session one start-to-finish. You can even create custom events for just you and your friends set to your own specifications. I’ve played in 8 global events at the same time – it’s really an awesome and addictive system that perfectly supports all 3 of our event types – race it, trick it, and survive it. There is only 1 ‘ghost’ in a global event, and that is a recorded version of the person’s run that you need to beat in order to move into their bracket. Everyone else is with you live on the mountain in real-time! We have a very thorough in-game messaging system that will allow you to communicate with and find games with your friends.

Anything else?

Well this is EA, so there are a couple of pre-order things floating around.

Gamestop - exclusive Eddie Wachowski and his Elite snowboard with an attribute Perk.
Amazon - Mac’s level 6 Elite snowboard with an attribute Perk.
Origin - Elise’s Elite snowboard with a bonus Perk.
BestBuy - Zoe’s Elite snowboard and an attribute Perk.
Walmart - Kaori’s Elite snowboard with an attribute Perk.

GAME - Eddie, his unique snowboard and additional drop points on Mount Fuji.
Amazon - Kaori’s Elite snowboard with a boost.
HMV - Mac’s Elite snowboard and a bonus boost..
TheHut - Zoe’s Elite snowboard and a bonus boost. - Elise’s Elite snowboard w/ boost.

Also Mt. Fuji is a PS3 exclusive in the US with it being included in the "limited" first run in the UK.

Awesome, when's it out?

US - 28 February
EU - 3 March

Are all your friends morons who are not buying SSX? Then play with these dudes!

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Trick It tips and HallowedFaith's FUCK YOU trick guide
chidona wrote:
Advice from one of the creators of the game (last name is Batty I think - crossposting from the merqury city forums):

-sig trick worth most

-flips worth more than spins

-when not doing sig trick do L-R, R-L, B-X or X-B. The 2-input/step tricks are worth much more than the single button press

-never dupe your trick. If you see dupe trick callout off a big jump rewind immediately and re-jump, you'll get more in the long run even with the penalty

-never change your trick mid-flight

-build your multiplier up as fast as possible. Get into super tricky and do one grind trick after another at about a 1 second per cadence (if your multiplier doesn't go up you are doing it too fast). Once at 20x never change your grind trick mid-grind

-one combo top to bottom, learn to watch the little chevrons beside your main score, they are the combo timer. Do a manual if no jumps, but can always just ollie

-use the terrain for big air opps anytime, just boost up the wall and then jump off. Can double the number of tricks you can do in a single run. This is really the key once you master the above and what will keep people playing this game forever
So for those having trouble with the trick system. I have broken it down on how to maintain high trick scores, at least for the demo. I jumped nearly 10m when I had a solid run after I figured it out.

Never stop tricking. It's really that simple. There are some tricks to tricking, so I will explain them here as I see them.

The combo system has about a 4-5 second refresh give or take, that clock refreshes every time you do a trick. I believe this time to be extended based on the style of the trick, ala - tricks that can be held for a long time increase the clocks value to reach. So basically, keep doing tricks.

Tricks about tricks while doing tricks:
In the air those SUPER UBER tricks are awesome, but they should be finishers. Use all your grabs and manuals in the air to get out combos as fast as you can before bringing out the big boys. One trick might be worth X amount of points and take up 5-8 seconds and look awesome, or you can do 4 or 5 tricks that boost your multiplier and are also worth points. Time management.

Landing Tricks: (I want to make a slut joke here)
Your character looks awesome while flipping in the air! Wheee! FUCK YOU. Your character looks awesome crossing the finish line with shitty points. Yeah. Thought so.

Watch the mountain not your character. Learn the map. Why? Because landing is where the money maker is and unless you're fucking Superman you won't be in the air 100% of the time. Since you're not a space alien you need to maintain tricks to "bridge" those combos as you line up your next jump. Use manuals while riding, remember the 4 second rule to take advantage of, remember that as you land you should be hitting a manual as soon as you can.

Combo meter = money! Bank ass combo meter will ensure many millions of points.

Things that kill the combo meter are as follows:
Running into things.
Letting the combo meter run out.
Running out of Tricky.
Using the time rewind toy.
Your Mamma.

So all in all, the idea is to get the combo meter as high as you can, maintain tricky at all times, and don't wipe out.

Additional Notation:
The "uber trick" each character has is the best way to get tricky right off the bat. However it has diminishing returns on the volume of tricky it delivers as you use it again. This resets over time though.
The combo meter is the one on the left.

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