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Robots in Disguise (Transformers 4! Coming June 29th 2014)

ReignerReigner Registered User regular
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More than Meets the Eye


Robots in Disguise

On top of two very awesome ongoing comics, in the post-Bay movie world we have Transformers Prime on the Hub
It's awesome and you should all be watching it (when season 2 starts Feb 18th)

They also have toys:

The First Editions which are cancelled everywhere and going for big monies,

and the mainline which isnt as good,

but in Japan will be coming with Minicon weapons

Also due out this year is Fall of Cybertron, the squal game to War for Cybertron. This one will have Grimlock, and combiners

And toys with a confirmed Jazz, Shockwave, and Prime for the first wave

Buy Transformers, read Transformers, watch Transformers, play Transformers.

Transformers thread go!

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