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Awesome: 'Unusual [chat]' by Irond Will

Irond WillIrond Will DragonmasterCambridge. MASuper Moderator, Moderator mod
edited February 2012 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
  Rent likes this Post written by Irond Will
about two years ago
"FUCK YOU WILL [quote="Irond Will"][quote="Rent"][quote="Irond Will"][quote="Rent"]So Breaking Bad is the best tv show of all time, bar none[/quote] (not counting animes)[/quote] oh hey you're back sup brosef also i actually saw an animes that wasn't like...bad rust influenced me, and it was...good. like, really good [/quote] i knew you were gonna sell out i knew it[/quote] "
Rent wrote:
will you son of a bitch i am jailed right now i am OG as fuck

Otaku Gaijin maybe



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