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Fantasy MLB 2012 Slowdraft: Pretty much done!

LavaKnightLavaKnight Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in Debate and/or Discourse
Most of this OP shamelessly stolen from @deadonthestreet 's thread last year

Baseball season is bearing down on us, and with it comes the hallowed game of Fantasy Baseball! The draft will be conducted over the next few weeks, so if you draft Prince Fielder with your first pick, and he decides to become juice-fasting yogi a week before the season starts, you can't change your pick!

Link to the league:

Link to the google docs draft sheet:

Same rules as last year: random draft order, snake draft, 24 hours to pick. Signups are open but returning managers will be given preference. We had 14 teams last year, and currently have eight or nine returning managers, or maybe more, leaving around five open spots. We may be able to have more than 14 teams if interest is high, though, so if you are interested by all means contact us! PMs with email addresses should be sent to @deadonthestreet or myself, and we will add as we can!

Please sign up in purple so we can see it.

Things you'll need to play:
A Yahoo account
Preferably a Google account so I don't have to enter your draft picks for you into the spreadsheet.
A name for your team.

How it works:
We draft teams of baseball players here on the forums. The person that picks the players with the best stats wins. We'll probably have the same stats count as last year unless people want to do something different.

Funny pictures to go along with picks are appreciated.

Draft order:
Zombie Hero
Junior Yank

After you pick, send the next person in line a PM. Send me a PM so I can give you access to the spreadsheet so you can enter your picks there as well as the forum.

Here is a link to last year's draft in case you are interested in seeing how that played out.

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