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[Wiz-War Tournament] Discussion thread (Championship starting, 12ish in The Pit)

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What is Wiz-War?
Wiz-war is a hilarious, combo-filled, awesome game of Capture the Flag meets Magic the Gathering in a maze of death.

Why would I want to play this?
Dude. Capture the Flag meets Magic the Gathering. in. a. maze. of. death.

But if you need a run down of how it plays, here goes. Every player starts in their own sector of the game board. In their sector are treasures they own and doors that only they can unlock/go through. You win by getting two victory points. Victory points are obtained by killing other wizards or picking up someone else's treasure and bringing it back to your home base. Turns consist of moving 3 spaces, making 1 attack, and/or playing any number of neutral spells. This can be done in any order. Spells can be buffed by expending (playing) an energy card when playing a spell. This then increases the damage or duration of the spell as outlined on the card itself. Movement can also be buffed once per turn by spending an energy card which gives you movement points equal to the energy expended.

Ok, fine, how is this going to work?
Glad you asked. There will be two parts to this game.

The Tournament. Everyone who signs up will be assigned to a grouping based on their skill (if no skill is known then a random grouping will be assigned) and will play a single game of Wiz-War (with some changes to make it work through a forum). The winners will move on and be randomly grouped with the winners of the other games and they will then play. This will happen until there are just 4 winners left. At that point we will have our championship game and the tournament winner will be crowned The Wizard of Critical Failures (to be used in your sig or to end arguments about wizarding). The tournament will start on February 20th.

The Pit. Anyone who dies or loses a game will be thrown into The Pit. The Pit will be happening concurrently along side the tournament and as wizards get killed or lose their game, they will be thrown immediately into it. The Pit is crazy, persistent and has all types of different rules compared to the regular game. Temporary spells are all permanent. There is no limit to the number of spells you can maintain. There are no treasures, it is a fight to the death. Alliances are encouraged/needed to survive. If you die in The Pit, you are done. Last one standing wins and will be crowned the Champion of the Pit (to be used in your sig or to scare people into doing things for you). I will release more information about The Pit once it comes time to throw someone into it.


Tournament Games
To see the current game board and read the entire history of a game, follow the link. As epic/awesome/hilarious things happen in each game, I will record them below the link to stay forever inscribed in the Tome of Glory.

Game 1 (Conjuring, Mutation, Elemental, Mentalism)
Winner - moleface
Tome of Glory:
- moleface can't deal with the rose smell any longer. He loses complete control and makes a Mad Dash in the other direction while simultaneously turning into a Werewolf (ripping up his robes in the process). Werewolf moleface stops just short of the portal and reaches through to check whats on the other side. He feels around the other side of the portal swiping and scratching for some clue as to what is on that side. artadius is not amused as he takes a giant paw to the face
artadius heads through the portal to get some revenge and end up face to face with Werewolf moleface . artadius dodges the first swipe and jumps back a couple feet. He begins charging his hands with electricity and the light stuns the Werewolf moleface long enough to get off the next part of the attack. artadius lets the lightning bolt loose flying directly toward the werewolf. Much to his surprise Werewolf moleface deflects the attack directly into the wall behind the itself. And much Werewolf moleface's surprise the lightning bolt ricochets off the wall behind it and directly into the back of its skull. artadius takes the opportunity to do some more damage and destroys the weakened wall sending even more shrapnel into the werewolf. Finally artadius turns himself into a Gnome hoping to make himself small enough to avoid the werewolf's future attacks.

- Gnome artadius runs over to the portal. "That werewolf couldn't have gotten far", he thinks to himself. He sticks his head through the portal and catches a glimpse of the Werewolf moleface running around a corner. Gnome artadius throws a fireball and summons the strength of Angelina Jolie to curve it around the corner. Weirdly, he didn't hear a howl or a any kind of fire explosion...
Werewolf moleface runs through the portal that fireball came barreling out, intent on showing that gnome who's boss. As Werewolf moleface exits the portal, however, he unexpectedly trips on the gnome that hasn't moved since the last attack. The surprise causes Werewolf moleface to lose control of his transformation and he reverts back to a human. Unclothed and really angry, Naked moleface summons a giant Mallet ( :winky: ) and swings it at the Gnome artadius. Not used to his inferior strength yet, the swing goes wide and the gnome hops out of the way. "Damn ELUSIVE GREEN MIDGET!", Naked moleface yells at his foe.

- Deaf hairless GoodOmens heads towards the direction of the most vibrations and stops. There had to be a ton of people to his right. Deciding to not put himself in danger, he astrally projects in the direction of all the people. As he brings himself fully in control, he see all three wizards, one is on fire, one is naked, and another has stone spikes all over himself (clearly to overcompensate for his small wang). "Perfect opportunity to strike," deaf hairless GoodOmens thinks to himself as he flips a coin in his mind. "Heads it is and dead red wizard it will be!" he screams as he throws the most powerful thrust he has ever created in the direction of the wizard on fire. The telekinetic blow tears up walls as it travels towards its target. At the last moment, however, the ground rises and comes between the attack and its intended target. Deaf hairless GoodOmens's anger causes him to lose control of the projection and as he tries to regain the projection, he instead mixes up the similar words of the projection and teleportation spells. He ends up teleporting instead. His new location puts him face to face with a red treasure, which he picks up after dropping his own.

Game 2 (Thaumaturgy, Conjuring, Mutation, Alchemy)
Winner- stever777
Tome of Glory:
- stever777 boosts and heads back to his zone only to hear the sounds of an intruder on the other side of a wall. In his zone! How dare he/she/it! He creates a door, summons a large rock and opens the door just enough to throw the rock at the intruder. The Green Wizard barely got turned around before the Large Rock hit him square in the jaw and fell to the floor. "Get off my lawn!", stever777 yells as he shuts the door.

- stever777 pulls out his null powder, no way was he going to get hit with fire darts again. He boosts around to flank his northern yellow attacker and picks up the large rock on the way. Once stever777 can see Bedlam he lets the rock fly through the air towards his enemy and it strikes yellow directly in the stomach. Instead of doubling over in pain, however, the yellow wizard mouths "thank you" and floats, light as a feather backwards and away from stever777 back towards the yellow zone.

Game 3 (Mutation, Alchemy, Mentalism)
Winner - admanb
Tome of Glory:
-admanb prepares to deal with whatever is on the other side of the yellow door and summons a Boomstone in one hand while he picks the lock with his incredibly long and weirdly skinny fingernails on the other hand. Then admanb busts through the once locked door and looks for trouble. He goes no more than two step before he eyes his target: a treasure with a very surprised yellow wizard behind it. admanb jumps on top of the treasure, turns into a Werewolf (destroying his robes), and then throws the boomstone at the yellow wizard. Werewolf admanb could barely make out the increasingly surprised look on the yellow wizard's face right before his target took the full explosion of the boomstone square in the groin. Yellow wizard doubles over in pain and as Werewolf admanb grabs the yellow treasure and howls.

Game 4 (Conjuring, Mutation, Elemental)
Winner - El Skid
Tome of Glory:
-Gandalf_the_Crazed sprints back through the exploded wall and notices a red wizard giving him a weird look. Gandalf_the_Crazed shouts "8 CRACKS OR GET THE FUCK OUT" as he summons a gigantic Stone Block right in front of the red wizard. That threat now dealt with, he sprints forward and see the perfect place to hide his precious: with his other precious. He drop his treasure next to his other treasure, then boosts and backs up. A tear drops from one eye as he takes one more loving look at "those that complete him" and casts a wall to block them in: safe from anyone else. He then skips gleefully down the hall while singing the following song:

-El Skid hears the cries of Gandalf_the_Crazed being clawed by a werewolf. "I'll help you!" he shouts. First he casts Fog around the entire maze, to prevent the mean red werewolf from being able to see his new best friend. Then El Skid summon all his magical strength and begins to cause the ground itself to obey his every whim. The entire yellow-lighted part of the maze rotates 90 degrees and pulls Gandalf_the_Crazed away from the werewolf threat and right in front of a portal. "I'll stop the bleeding, first!", El Skid says lovingly as he creates a superheated mallet out of thin air and slams it into green's wounds in an attempt to cauterize the cuts. Gandalf_the_Crazed screams in agony and Adrenaline courses through Yellow's veins in response. "You're in shock, snap out of it man!", El Skid yells while he punches Green directly in the face to hopefully break him out of shock. Green falls to the ground on the edge of death. Yellow does the only thing he can think of and transforms into a Slime to comfort and caress Green in his last moments on Earth. Slime El Skid tries and tries to cradle Gandalf_the_Crazed in his arms but the Green wizard keeps slipping through his liquid-ish body. Green dies with the Slime weeping over his dead best friend.

Just then, a voice bellows throughout the maze. "There can be only one! El Skid is awarded a Victory Point and gains all the knowledge of Gandalf_the_Crazed"

Slime El Skid snaps out of his mourning and back into human form and does a victory dance. Time to find that werewolf and get out of here...

Game 5 (Thaumaturgy, Conjuring, Mutation)
Winner -
Tome of Glory:
- Matev slowly pulls out a dagger in preparation to stab the dumb green wizard for giving him a hug. As he goes to stab the wizard he is hugging, however, he realizes green has switched places! Matev squints at the red wizard, casting a thornbush behind him, and declares "I kill you last little red". He starts towards the door only to have a wall of earth put in his way, he glares back at the red wizard again and starts to pass through the wall. His breaks his nose on the wall when the spell fizzles. "ALL MY HATE!!!", Matev yells as he boosts around the corner, destroying a nearby wall, and running through the new opening. Finally, Matev sees his blue foe and throws the dagger while screaming, "YOU DIE NOW LITTLE MAN!" The dagger strikes home and Capfalcon falls, dead before he hits the ground.

The Pit: Cinder

Winner -
Tome of Glory:

Sign ups

On February 18th at 11pm MST sign ups will end and I will message everyone to make sure that the groupings only contain people who want to play. On February 19th, I will post the game groupings. Feb 21st is when turns will start (sooner if everyone in the game ready-ups in the thread).

Player list

We will have 2 four-player games and 3 three player games in the first round, with a five-player championship and a maximum of 13 players in The Pit!

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