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Happy Valentine's Day!

mensch-o-maticmensch-o-matic Registered User regular
edited February 2012 in Singularity Engine++
It is actually my boyfriend who is the best but you can talk about your boyfriends too if you want
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! To my readers in Oregon (yay!) or Arizona (boo, until you stop being such jerks to Hispanic people!), happy statehood day! To all the singles … (crickets).

I was single for a long, long time. Sometimes I loved it, mostly I hated it, but it was what it was. And yes, when you’re single, seeing a couple being all schmoopy really stings. This I know well. And Valentine’s Day can be especially crappy. I am not trying to pile on here.

But you gain nothing and lose all sorts of dignity when you go around making a huge fuss over Valentine’s Day or, as some call it, Singles’ Awareness Day (SAD = most fitting acronym ever). In general, if a group of people is celebrating something that you, yourself, do not particularly care to celebrate, the gracious thing to do is quietly let them celebrate while doing your own thing. Don’t barge loudly into their holiday and declare it a sham. Just sit it out.

Instead of going on and on to anyone who will listen about SAD and insisting loudly that you like it this way, go eat two hamburgers and fuck whomever you please, because being single can totally rule … if you don’t spend your time self-consciously trumpeting that fact to everyone.




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