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[EAST] Pre-PAX Bar Crawl Pokecrawl Episode 3 Placeholder Topic

arsonisfunarsonisfun Registered User regular
edited February 2012 in PAX Archive
Hello Everyone,

AtlusParker is a slacker and doesn't want to post a bar crawl thread yet, so I'm making this thread to provide basic info before all of you get upset and stage a revolution.

Details -
When: Thursday before PAX, figure on 7-8pm start time
Where: Faneuil Hall area bars - same location as last year, but with a few changes to bars (I'm lookin at you Kitty O'Sheas)
What: Poke mans drinking and making fools of themselves

Sign-ups, the list of challenges, the routes, and all the ususal nonsense will be showing up approximately the beginning of March.


I am IRCs resident nerdbro and member of the PokeCrawl planning committee.

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