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Holy fuck we're buying a house

FearghaillFearghaill MidgardI hear some secret agents only get cars.Registered User regular
edited February 2012 in Singularity Engine++
so in a period of about 24 hours, my wife and I went from "starting to look for a house to buy" to "holy shit we're putting in an offer" to "holy fuck it's accepted we're buying a house."

I'm kinda freaking out a little, but it's cool. Check out my (in 3 months) first house SE++:

front view: yeah, it's a house.

I'm basically gonna live in that kitchen. It's got a dining nook, that opens into a full dining room in sort of an L shape.

that dining room there.

that living room is half the size of our current apartment. and goddamn hardwood floors.

the master bedroom: our furniture will not be as fancy. I love the corner windows though, light from 2 sides.

shit yes it has a sun porch (and a ridiculously landscaped fenced back yard that isn't in any of the pictures). Is there a better place to sip beverages on a summer evening? I highly doubt it.

bigass family room with a woodstove in the basement. so excited.

Also 2 other bedrooms in the basement and whatever. holy fuck I'm excited/overwhelmed.

Marvel at what will be mine (well, the bank's) SE++, and share with me your stories of home ownership.



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