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Awake: That show where they took Fringe and CSI and put them in a blender

JimothyJimothy Not in front of the foxhe's with the owlRegistered User regular
edited February 2012 in Singularity Engine++
So Admiral Zhao has a new show!

Detective Britten was in a car accident, and either his wife or son died. Also, he either his wife or son survived! Screwy!

He flips between the two realities Everworld-style, by going to sleep. In one reality, his partner is Fez, who I guess can do serious roles? In both realities, his family is grieving. Makes for a super interesting dynamic!

I know a lot of us here have been anticipating this one for a while, as it's definitely one of the most creative TV premises ever.

It starts March 1st, after the NBC Thursday comedy block, but the first episode is up on Hulu right now! Watched it last night and lovedlovedloved it. By the end, I was just like "THIS SHOW."

As a dude who doesn't like police procedurals and thinks they are boring, static, plotless, parent TV, I fully endorse Awake and think you all should watch it so that I have someone to talk with.

Also, it will probably get cancelled too soon.


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