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Awesome: '[Mass Effect] "Hey, Guys, Watch Me Headbutt This Atlas!"' by Johnny Chopsocky

Johnny ChopsockyJohnny Chopsocky Scootaloo! We have to cook!Grillin' HaysenburgersRegistered User regular
edited February 2012 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
  Sorce likes this Post written by Johnny Chopsocky
about two years ago
"How to correctly use ME Vanguard, as told by Alec Baldwin."
If I see one more random pub Vanguard with an assault rifle that isn't charging... Jesus, those kids need a pep talk on the art of the Vanguard.

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  • hoodie13hoodie13 Registered User regular
    This man is clearly a Charger.

    3DS Friend Code: 4398-9162-1823
  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot P'burg, MTRegistered User regular
    If I watch another video of Adepts using shotguns and assault rifles while not firing off Singularities, or Vanguards running around shooting people and not Charging, I'm going to yell at the screen.

    More than I already do. "You are an Adept, stop using heavy weapons! You have three best friends: Singularity, Warp, and your pistol!"

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