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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, or Apocalypse Advice Thread, or I love trailers

lostwordslostwords Registered User regular
edited February 2012 in Singularity Engine++
So this trailer popped up for a steve carrell-kiera knightly movie, Seeking A Friend for the End of the World

which is basically an extended ending to an alternate version of Armageddon where Bruce Willis screws up, and it looks super neat!

And hey man, it basically seems like one man's quest to find true love in the face of the end of days, only he'll totally end up with Kiera Knightly duh, and involves dry humor and hilarious cameos, so I'm uber-excited!

Anywho, how'd you react to the news that a planet-killing meteor was coming in like 3 weeks?

Another cool trailer i watched today was for Girls, a new hbo comedy series from judd apatow

which brings to mind more his work in freaks and geeks, with a whole lot more #whitepeopleproblems, and it also looks cool! Critics have been billing it as the anti-sex and the city, and seems like a neat little hbo comedy to get up in on. I just want more freaks and geeks.

I basically love trailers of all kinds, and how they can make anything look intriguing and the possibility for something awesome to come! So i dunno, let talk trailers?

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