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[CYOA] KaT : The Epoch of the Kaiser Tanks

The EnderThe Ender Registered User regular
edited February 2012 in Critical Failures

Salutations, captain. It has been 5,780,002 zettaticks since your last synthesis. This Kaiser Fleet has emerged from a Category 6 tesseract 40 light years from it’s previous position, and is on stand-by in low orbit over an iron planetoid populated by red candidacy replicators. If you are experiencing acute reconstruction distress and / or have been synthesized with intolerable defects, please submit yourself for disintegration so that synthesis may be attempted again.

Antagonist [A] has been identified; they have no acceptable transmission receivers, so Type [1] contact will be our method of engagement. Our time frame for catalysing the replication cycle will be 378 ticks, when the follow-up Kaiser Fleet will arrive to stabilize the cycle.

All stores & personnel remaining from the previous production cycle have atrophied into inert waste. Our first objective upon making contact will be the acquisition of replacement personnel and materials to fill template requirements.

Cite the identification number of your desired Kaiser Tank when you are ready to proceed with contact.

What is all of this, now?

This is a choose your own adventure game. Participation is open-ended, so everyone who wants to play may do so for as many or as few turns as they wish. Just read my latest update in the thread and vote for the option(s) that most appeal to you (if you bolded said vote and made it red, that would make things a little easier for me).

A random ballot lottery will be held every update to determine which decisions will drive the game forward. I'll try to get two updates out every day.

What type of game will this be?

This will be a strategy game of sorts. It'll be a bit like Star Trek: Bridge Commander, and a bit like Dwarf Fortress, but with ridiculous giant tanks at the center of the action. Also, the mechanics are still in sort-of rough shape (and by 'in sort of rough shape', I actually mean that they are in a brutally mangled state), and there are probably horrific balance issues. So feedback is welcome.

A lot of the game will rest on the strength of it's narration, and while I'll do my best in this department, player contributions are strongly encouraged!

When do we start?

Right now!

The first decisions to be made are which Kaiser Tank (or 'KaT') you'd like to command. Vote for one of the following models:






The Ender on
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If that guy wasn't white he would have gotten popped by so many tasers simultaneously that Marvel could use that as the new origin for Electro.


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