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[EAST] UPDATED - Freedom Trail Guided Tour - Date: Thursday April 5 / 3:30 PM

LexiconGrrlLexiconGrrl Registered User regular
edited April 2012 in PAX Archive
Historic Boston! In 90 Minutes! We're booking a guided tour* for anyone who wants to go with fellow PAXers. This is a great chance to learn about Boston History from legitimate (read: non-cheesy) sources with friends. Drinks and food abound afterward at Faneuil Hall!

WHAT: 90 minute guided walking tour from Boston Common to Fanueil Hall
WHEN: Thursday, April 5
TIME: 3:30 PM
COST: $10 (cheapest option is a private tour for 13 ppl)

Afterward: Meeting for drinks and happy hour at Fanueil Hall with the tour guide, around 5:00-5:30. Gotta take a load off after ALL THAT WALKING, y'know?

UPDATE: We're meeting at the Boston Common Visitor Center, 139 Tremont Street. Be there at 3:30 PM with your walking shoes on, and your drinking hat in your pocket!

The MMT will also be doing this tour earlier in the day, if you'd rather go before the Fried Food Extravaganza lunch!

Please indicate your interest (or re-indicate it, if you haven't since the updated MMT schedule) below.

If you'd be willing to be a back-up coordinator in case I get hit by a bus before then, please let me know.

Woo! Boston!

*Last year, on the way to pick up some Cannoli before heading to the airport, we came across a costumed tour guide and a group of tourists on the Freedom Trail. Normally these sort of costume schticks are pretty awful, but this guy was clearly passionate about the material and was so interesting & funny that we followed the tour and eavesdropped for a block. Later, we found out that this particular tour was affiliated with the National Parks' Freedom Trail organization and only hires a select few guides who are legitimate historians and historical cosplayers. Many of the guides even make their own costumes.

** The Granary Burial Ground closes at 4:00.

***The tour office suggested to 'request a drinker' when booking the tour so they'd come drink with us afterwards. I love them already.

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