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Trenches comic: Thursday March 1, 2012 - No More Punch

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Mysterious Seams

03/01/2012 - Anonymous

The product was nearing release. I think Gold was either days or weeks away. However, a mass panic suddenly swarmed the office. The publisher had a problem.

Their testing team had discovered something so heinous that the whole project was in jeopardy. Due to the freeform nature of the game in question, at certain angles at certain frames of animation players could see up the female characters skirts.

The problem was two fold:
1. At some of these frames, a crease would appear between the characters’ legs, giving the appearance of a vagina.
2. For even fewer of the models (specifically if they had pink clothes), this crease might be punctuated with a single pink vertex.

Due to the fact that this game wasn’t particularly aiming for the “fan service” market, this meant that every frame, of every animation, of every model had to be checked at every angle.

The game had customisable characters and thousands of animations.

In the end the clunge hunt was completely unnecessary. They just changed the models.

Always the easy answer.

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