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Regrets. The one that got away.

Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver Registered User, ClubPA regular
edited March 2012 in Singularity Engine++
Let's talk about something you SE++ folk know a lot about! PAINFUL REGRET

Regret is not the same thing as losing. You can win and still regret it. Your triumphs are regrettable and your failures are regrettable, though in different ways.

You can have regret that you lost a girl, lost a guy, didn't say "YES" when you had the chance, didn't stand up for your friend when they needed you. Maybe these are petty regrets, or maybe if you could change the actions of those regrets it would change history a la Quantum Leap.

But then again, some regrets are unchangeable. They are who we are. Some of us regret our height, weight, faces. Some people regret their health, station in life, or wealth. We call this group whiners, don't regret that which you cannot change! Words to live by.

But me, my focus of regret is on some silly thing some guy posted in a G&T thread.


You see this? It's all I really wanted when brawl came out. Was to win a trophy for my troubles. Then they sandbagged my ass to hong kong by having me play on the nunchucks, all items on, and with custom stages. So my last match of the gamestop tourney was on custom stage medium, and at the 6 second mark a hammer spawned next to my opponent and I was instantly destroyed. I lost the match due to last minute bullshit that would have been irrelevant if I could have done a full hop leap to glide to shuttle loop to get back on stage after falling off a falling platform, but the nunchucks were imprecise.

I will never get the chance to earn that trophy. I will never get to say I won that tourney. I earned no respect from the brawl community, as the only person who was on the PR list but didn't have a statute.

I was pariah, the outcast.

And I knew regret.

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