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Dragon Ball Z: The Online Card Game

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Lewie P's Stepdad gave me permission to start this topic to appeal to my fellow Penny Arcade fans who also happen to be Dragon Ball Z and/or CCG fans, so here goes:

The Dragon Ball Z Online Card Game (DBZ OCG) is a fan-made card game based on the original DBZ Collectible Card Game produced by Score and is played entirely online. The OCG has been up and running for a few years now. We currently have 8 sets containing over 1300 cards. Some of these are reprints from the original game, but most are fresh, new ideas put together by a successful team of former DBZ CCG players. We are still producing new sets (typically one every 4-6 months), and we have just released a new set based on some of the films.

The game is completely free; everything needed to play (the game program, all the card sets, and optional network connection service) are available in one simple download. We do not charge membership fees or require purchase of virtual packs. Every card is legal at all times, so there is no worry about anything being phased out into obscurity.

We regularly host tournaments for the game where participants can earn different prizes depending on the tournament. These prizes range from creating a card for the game itself to physical prizes (e.g. packs of cards from the old game, replicas of items from the DBZ anime). All players can also earn their way to creating a card for the game through our League Nights, which are a set night during the week for players to find casual pickup games. Pick-up games can be arranged through the site's chat room; there's always someone in chat to discuss rule questions, offer deck tips, and challenge you to a friendly game.

We also host a trading section on our website for physical cards from the original Score CCG. If players still have cards from the DBZ CCG or if they would like to acquire cards to start a collection, our tight-knit group of traders are welcoming and encouraging.

Feel free to ask any questions, and I look forward to you joining our community!

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