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Beastro's Characters and Illustrations

BeastroBeastro Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in Artist's Corner
Hey peeps.

I thought I might be doing myself an 'un'-service by never really participating in the PA forums. I mean...I've read this comic and articles forever it seems. I go to school for Illustration full time online. I never had any friends with enough balls to attempt to play table top gaming so I feel like I really have missed out on the story telling, and character building aspect of the genre. I was the RPG gamer on the high school football team...if that helps put me into a stereotype for you. Also with school full time I haven't had time for a lot of games, but want to be connected to the community in a way that I can contribute to it.

Anyway. Im not that great, but want to go pro. Harsh crits are welcome, they only make you better imo, and help you see things that you dont see right away. I love concept design and all that but really want to make beautiful narritive pictures and scenes. I've been reading a lot to help get some ideas about characters to draw since I've started doing them every day for a while now. If you guys have any ideas or characters that you want to see it will only help me get better. I may post some study work in here for the hell of it if I haven't done anything else. This thread is for fun and feedback and hopefully some idea generation.

So I'll start off with a coloring that I did for Scott Kurtz when he put out a huge line art for his LoL Bat nemesis, Fail Whale. And a few characters that I haven't had time to render. Thanks for looking.

And some character sketchin' fun. Trying to do one of these a day on top of school work. We'll see how it goes.



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