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Trenches comic: Tuesday March 13, 2012 - Lawstar

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Of Course It’s Gold, Silly.

03/13/2012 - Anonymous

A MAJOR game was coming out and we were on the task force to do the debug on it. Finding all the minor/major glitches, and figuring out how to recreate them and what not. Mostly basic stuff, only this particular game happened to be *riddled* with glitches, albeit obscure ones. The ranged from harmless graphical errors to others that would consistently crash the game.
The group i was on spent weeks and weeks attempting to discover all the glitches so the coding team could isolate and fix the problems. Even though we knew we were a tad behind schedule, everything was going well.

Friday rolls along, and we do our usual stuff, write our little reports to say what we found, and head home for the weekend.

Monday morning, 7:00 AM. We arrive to work and some of us are smoking outside before we enter the breach, when one the lead programmers comes running out of the building utterly pissed off.

“What happened?”
“The games not here anymore”

***confused look by everyone listening***

“What do you mean its not here?”
“They told me it went gold over the weekend.”

***Awkward pause***

“Uh..the game isn’t done yet.”
“Well apparently it was done enough for them, because they went gold Sunday.”
“Musta been one hell of a weekend then”

Needless to say, since the game was “done” we all got sent home. I had a lot of fun showing my friends all the game crash bugs that made it into the final cart. We made a drinking game out of it.

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