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[League of Legends] Of Yordles, Suppordles and Sort-of-Yordles

SampsenSampsen Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in Games and Technology
League of Legends (popularly known as LoL) is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. With lots of acronyms, in case you couldn't tell.

It is made by Riot games and brought to you by Tiny Angry Crab
You play as a summoner that selects a champion to battle with and against other summoners and their respective champs. During games, your champion will level up, get gold for better equipment and hopefully destroy the enemy nexus. Outside of games, your summoner level will rise. This will unlock new runes to enhance champion stats, bestow mastery points for further champion customization and goodies like avatars. At max level you can then compete in ranked matches and/or judge player behavior in what is called the tribunal.

New Player Guide

1. Make an account: NA EU (West) EU (Nordic & East)
It is worth noting that referring new players has perks, so I would ask for a referral link in the thread rather than a vanilla account.

2. Download the client: Right here
The official Mac client has been discontinued.

3. Play the tutorials! New User Guide
The game can be a bit overwhelming, and I highly suggest you play the tutorials OR find someone willing to do a few vs. AI games with you.

4. Join the "Penny Arcade" Chat Channel to find helpful people and people to escape solo queue with! Click the little double speech bubble looking thing at the bottom right of your screen. Click the + speech bubble right above it. Type in "Penny Arcade" and introduce yourself. Not everyone you see in the threat will be there, as not everyone plays on the same server.

5. Play vs. AI games with people.
Preferably people you know or from here. The bots aren't bad, but they have exploitable flaws and won't emulate the "real deal" perfectly. Focus less on the opposition and more on getting a feel for the various champions and the general flow of game.

6. Play vs. People
Do it, damn you. As said above, the AI is not going to give you the legitimate LoL experience. You don't want to hit your 20s solely from bot matches.

7. Get yer free champs.
Subscribe to Riot's Youtube and get a free Alistar skin! Includes the champion! Free Tristana if you're into the Facebook thing. Promo skins always include the champion if you never bought it.

The Dos and Don'ts of LoL

Meta Stuff

Game Stuff

7. Don't just wait around all day when you're in a position to win.

Meet the Team

Like any group activity, stuff is usually broken down into roles. It's worth noting that champions don't always fit neatly in categories. A champion's role in the team may depend on what build has been chosen, and sometimes you may fill several roles depending on the group composition. When picking champions, it's a good idea to see what people are doing and fill in any holes.

1. The Carry: If your team is a car, then the carry is the engine. It's what makes the team function. The carry, when doing its job, will be able to easily destroy the whole team. But, just like an engine is useless without any other parts of your car, the carry relies on its team to get the gold necessary to buy the items needed to kill swathes of enemies. Early on, carries tend to be more vulnerable and weaker than other champs. LOTS of people pick carry in random, because it's the star character that generally gets all the kills.

2. The Tank: Following the car metaphor, the tank is your steering. It'll guide the team into battle, and in many cases will be the one starting the fights. Tanks are there to absorb damage and lock down the most dangerous champions on the enemy team so you can position yourselves to win the fight. Some tanks do this with CC, whereas other tanks have some damage and will soften up the enemy team instead. Tanks still tend to need the rest of their team to back them up.

3. The Support: I guess support are your tires or something? Maybe the AC. Either, support help the team out with buffs and generally shields or healing. Healers tend to assist the carry by allowing the carry to stay in the lane longer through said healing or shields. Unlike, well, just about everyone else, Support don't rely so much on gear and thus will purposefully AVOID getting last hits so that their lane partner can farm gold faster. Because of their reduced need of gold, support should also be buying and placing wards when needed. It's worth noting that EVERYONE should generally buy wards, but as a support you can afford to take the financial hit. FEW people pick support in random due to how hard it is to influence games. You have to be very proactive to make up for bad teammates as a carry.

4. The Jungler: Jungling is a more advanced concept, and you won't see it until higher summoner levels. This is due to runes and masteries allowing for more efficient jungling. It is still possible on a few champs, even at Summoner Level 1, but very uncommon. As the name implies, the jungler sits in the jungle and kills neutral creeps. This benefits your team by creating a second solo lane (top lane), resulting in more experience and gold for your team as a whole. Once the jungler hits a certain gear/level point, they look for opportunities to gank enemies. This is generally done via strong CC abilities, such as Warwick's ultimate or Nunu's slow coupled with his speed buff. Skills such as these will enable the jungler's teammate in that lane to easily assist with the kill. When not ganking, the jungler will return to the jungle regularly to keep up in terms of gold and experience. Due to their roaming, the jungler has plenty of opportunities to place wards for its teammates.

This is a very simple guide! There are other roles in teams, but this is a rough outline of the basics. Roles can easily overlap, and a champion can fill more than one role! Experiment and see what works and what doesn't.

Useful Stuff


Stuff You Should Know
-Yes, a promo skin will unlock that champion for free.
-Promo skin codes generally work once on each region. If you have used a code for yourself, don't toss it out! Make a post here and give it away or swap it for another skin.
-Speaking of promo skins, Free Tristana if you're willing to whore yourself out a bit.
--Subscribe to Riot's Youtube and get a free Alistar skin!
-Buy Wards
-Buy Wards
-When in doubt, take Flash

A useful list of terms used in game, courtesy of Cantido.

Have you scored a penta?

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