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Secret Gilmore Girls Thread, shh!

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I've been going to the Harvard-Yale football games since 2008, and I usually go when they have the game at Harvard. I live only two miles away from the school's Allston campus, so, it's natural that I show my neighborhood pride and cheer for Harvard during the game.

I just looked at the schedule for this year's game. It's scheduled for November 17th, 2012, 12:00PM at Harvard Stadium. Can't wait for the free alcohol offered before the game. I have my Harvard shirt ready for that day.

Anyone ever attend a Harvard-Yale football game? I rarely ever attend other athletic events, but I guess my proximity to Harvard Stadium and the relative cheapness of the tickets (only $36 a piece) make it an event worth attending. Plus, I love college football, and I find the games at Boston College a bit tame (they don't even let you invade the field after the game and have stricter policies on alcohol).

I don't go to school at Harvard, but a part of me wishes I did. Unfortunately I was rejected when I applied.

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