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A bracing morning swim: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Ed PbP

Jam WarriorJam Warrior Registered User regular
edited May 2012 in Critical Failures
Look how happy that dude is that the mohawk ogre is about to punch him in the face with a big spike. You can be that dude!

Found the old 1st ed WHFRP book (impulse EBay purchase) on my shelf a while back and thought it might be fun to try out the demo mini-adventure as a PbP here. Could be great, could be extremely unsuited to forum play, we won't know until we try! We should at least have fun with the vintage style, almost entirely random, career based (if you consider rat catching a career that is) character generation. You pick a race, roll a stat line, pick a general career area (if your random stats allow), and then roll up your random opening career.

The rules are fairly fast and loose and I hear combat can be pretty brutal for players so that sounds like it could be fun (for the GM at least). Essentially PCs are as squishy as NPCs, the only difference being PCs get a handful of 'fate points' representing their heroic destiny and allowing them a do-over when an unfortunate roll lets a street thug cut your leg off.

So looking for four players who can commit to a fairly regular (aim for daily posts on weekdays) posting schedule. Need to be open minded to an antique system and willing to RP to what the dice give you in chargen. Familiarity with the Warhammer world and its tone (grimdark+ tongue in cheek) is a big bonus.

I guess I leave this up until I get enough expressions of interest at which point I'll randomly (or cherry) pick a team and we'll get rolling.

Here's hoping I'll be rolling on the critical damage chart for your head soon!

The Party:

@Icerimp - Ilumor the Elven Woodsman
Cash: 6G
Fate Points: 1
Wounds: 4/6

@Grog - Gavnog the Dwarven Troll Slayer
Cash: 2G
Fate Points: 3
Wounds: 0/8 - Dislocated Wrist

@TheLawinator - Godric the Human Militiaman
Cash: 10G
Fate Points: 3
Wounds: 6/6

@Snowdon - Merrick Oddfoot the Halfling Rogue Tomb Raider
Cash: 16G 19 Sch
Fate Points: 1
Wounds: 0/4

@Mr_Rose - Kazrik Ironbrow the Dwarven Seer
Cash: 8G
Fate Points: 1
Wounds: 8/8

Group Kitty: 17 Gold Crowns
0 Silver Schillings
3 Brass Pennies

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