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Hey folks this is the Rift thread if you haven't noticed for the Dynamic Fantasy MMORPG. :P
What is Rift?

Rift is an MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Telara, which is the focal point of different planes (worlds). Through the actions of the death god Regulos, these worlds have now invaded Telara, causing rifts to open. Opposing Regulos are two factions: the Guardians and the Defiants. The conflict between these two factions serves as another source of tension and gameplay. Players have the role of Ascended: resurrected soldiers whose task is to defeat the forces of Regulos and cleanse Telara forever of his threat.
The Guardians


The Guardians are the chosen of Telara’s gods, the Vigil. After the tyrant Aedraxis called forth power from the Plane of Death and devastated Telara, the Vigil chose the greatest souls who fell that day to be harbingers of the next era. A golden age awaits, but Telara must first be saved — by deed, by example, and by the sword. Its people must be redeemed, its corruptors purged, before the world can truly be safe.
The Defiants


The Defiant do not care whether the gods abandoned the world or not. To them, this entire planar convergence disaster is the gods' fault in the first place. Indeed, as soon as things went from bad to worse, the gods suddenly and inexplicably disappeared.

The Classes


The Rifts

As you understand there are Rifts that open up throughout the land of Telara. It's the job of both factions to maintain the balance and close these rifts to prevent Regulos from destroying the world. You are also stopping the other 5 dragons from doing the same; as Regulos is only the dragon of Death.
Plane of Death


The Plane of Death is an endless, flat expanse of dust and bleached bone. Shadowy tendrils slither across the horizon, while vast obsidian spikes tear from the ground to claw at skies of purple and gray. The few clouds are ragged and pale, and the occasional flash of lightning sets everything into stark relief.
Plane of Air


The Plane of Air is made up almost entirely of its primary element: an endless, turbulent sky. Cloudscapes replace landscapes, roiling and writhing, crashing together like continents. Air elementals and djinali ride the lightning that arcs between thunderheads, while rocs cruise the twisting wind, feasting on winged serpents.

Plane of Earth


The Plane of Earth is a desert of multicolored sand, pierced by massive spikes of crystal and stone. Rivers of molten metal flow down mountains that rise beyond the sky, cooling sometimes into continents of alloy in a sea of dust. Rock formations defy gravity as tiny necks of stone support boulders that span between horizons, dotted with gems as big as houses.

Plane of Fire


The Plane of Fire is a broken and cracked expanse of sharp rocks and blasted mountains, valleys obscured by smoke and ash. Volcanoes rise thousands of feet into the methane sky, spewing rivers of molten rock into seas of fire that the plane’s denizens walk upon as if it were harmless soil.

Plane of Life


There is no ground in the Plane of Life, and there is no sky. Both are overgrown with plants as exotic as they are deadly. Roots clash like enemy armies, shoving and scrambling, while vines bulge together, sprouting thorns to stab each other. Mere survival in this plane means no coexistence or compromise, only constant competition.

Plane of Water


Be thankful that the planes are closed to mortals, for mere moments of gazing into the Plane of Water would snap the sturdiest psyche. This is the plane of nightmares, the bottomless depths of its endless sea mirroring the darkest corners of the mind.
Penny Arcade Guilds

Currently the PA folks play on 3 servers.

The PvE guild is Knights of Arcadia, Defiant, on Faeblight (dis guild is dead)

The PvP/E guild is The Endless Court(the Six mouth was absorded), Defiant, on Gnarlewood, no wait no. DEEPWOOD

The EU PvE guild is Planary Arcadia, Defiant, on Argent(dis guild is also dead)

If you want an invite to any guild when you start playing type in the chat window /join PennyArcade and ask for an invite.

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