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[Killer Is Dead] now on Steam, Kill The Past in HD!



  • Kristmas KthulhuKristmas Kthulhu Registered User regular
    Hollie was my favorite character in No More Heroes.

  • Kristmas KthulhuKristmas Kthulhu Registered User regular
    Wait, when does Travis kill

  • Jam WarriorJam Warrior Registered User regular
    Wait, when does Travis kill
    It's not definitely him, but the assassin who bursts in on Travis in the toilet before the Henry fight looks a lot like Emir.

  • Kristmas KthulhuKristmas Kthulhu Registered User regular
    Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I was trying to think of a boss fight, and was drawing all blanks.

  • RamiRami Registered User regular
    It isn't Emir, he cleared that up ages ago shortly after NMH was released.

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  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Rogue The 24th WardRegistered User regular
    Wait, when? Same voice and everything. Come on now.

    赤い月 赤い月 罪を 犯した 者共の 穢れを 清める | Kill The Past
  • Xenogears of BoreXenogears of Bore Registered User regular
    It's not the canonical ending anyways.

    3DS CODE: 3093-7068-3576
  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Rogue The 24th WardRegistered User regular
    Well, of course not. Garcian wouldn't fall to the likes of Sir Henry MF.

    赤い月 赤い月 罪を 犯した 者共の 穢れを 清める | Kill The Past
  • Linespider5Linespider5 Eat at Jobe's Registered User regular
    Hmm. Concept art is nice.

    I'm turning into some kind naysayer around here, but...

    My first reaction is Suda saw DX Human Revolution and thought, "Yeah, that looks nice. I'll do it like that."
    My second reaction is actually pretty okay with the idea of a Suda 51 action-RPG, however.

  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Rogue The 24th WardRegistered User regular
    New arts.

    Interesting motif.

    赤い月 赤い月 罪を 犯した 者共の 穢れを 清める | Kill The Past
  • EVOLEVOL Registered User regular
    Wow. That's some bitchin' artwork there. I hope the actual game looks as good.

  • JurgJurg In a TeacupRegistered User regular
    Agreed. Now I just need to get myself an XBox 360.

  • GrimthwackerGrimthwacker Pegasus Knights do it in midairRegistered User regular
    I see a cybernetic arm. . .

    . . . I never asked for a cyberpunk Suda game. . . but I'm damn glad he made one.

  • The AnonymousThe Anonymous Uh, uh, uhhhhhh... Uh, uh.Registered User regular
    If the actual game looks even half as good as that artdump, I will day one the shit out of it.

  • TolerantZeroTolerantZero Registered User regular
    Glad to hear it won't be a direct sequel; I'm interested in this but I didn't get the chance to play Killer 7.

    No More Heroes was pretty good, though.

    Steam | Raptr | 3DS - 2552-2106-0321
  • JarkeldJarkeld Registered User regular
    Tried Killer7, but got a bit lost on what to do. Really should give that game some more time.
    The new game looks to be very interesting.

  • NintenNinten Registered User regular
    3rd picture really reminds me of Target: Sunset from K7.

  • Kristmas KthulhuKristmas Kthulhu Registered User regular
    The mission where MASK
    headbutts a bullet?

  • I needed a gnome to post.I needed a gnome to post. Registered User regular
    i genuinely thought this game was called no more 7s: killer is dead

    i'm kind of disappointed now.

  • Linespider5Linespider5 Eat at Jobe's Registered User regular
    I'm kind of surprised by how much stuff is surfacing. Granted, still no actual screens of course, but still interesting what we're getting.

  • DragkoniasDragkonias Registered User regular
    Hmm...this is looking very sci-fi.

    I may keep an eye out for it.

  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Rogue The 24th WardRegistered User regular
    Sumio Mondo!


    Live again!

    I think the main character definitely has a resemblance.

    Can't wait.

    赤い月 赤い月 罪を 犯した 者共の 穢れを 清める | Kill The Past
  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Rogue The 24th WardRegistered User regular


    Only a short time in the future, where we travel to the moon and remodel our bodies, one day the main character Mondo Zappa receives a notification of employment from the secret state agency called “The Execution Office.”


    The battle basics are primarily close proximity attacks with swords. Weapons unfold in acrobatic movements.

    In addition, the main character’s left arm has been modified and can change from a drill to a gun, etc. It can be upgraded as you progress. Mondo lost his memory of modifying his left arm.

    By absorbing your enemy’s blood, you can utilize a powerful attack called “Adrenalin Burst.” A large quantity of blood gushes when you decapitate your enemies.

    There is a component where you can transform people into dark matter, too. The Adrenalin Burst move seems to change the dark matter included in the blood into energy.


    The moon appears in various images.

    Stages are set in various places around the world, including old Western style buildings and an alleyway with Japanese style homes.


    Mondo Zappa:
    35-years-old, born in America, the main character. He is the man with the black suit and glasses which appeared in the first public artworks of the game. He regards executing as his job and carries out his work without fear. He is a man of taste and likes to seduce women. His favorite food is half-boiled egg.

    Vivian Squall:
    25-years-old, born in England, a member of Brian’s execution office, and the younger boss of Mondo. She is a young blond woman who wears a tight, sleeveless outfit. She is usually calm, but can lose her composure when it comes to private topics.

    Mika Takekawa:
    20-years-old, born in Japan, and Mondo’s assistant. She met Mondo at a certain event, and because she is good at making half-boiled eggs, the two get along and live with each other. She’s a natural airhead.

    A criminal who steals talent from musician jubilees, which play songs of manipulated human emotion. He releases sounds of evil intent from a huge tower, so that he can fill the world with malice. He usually appears like skin and bones, but he’s very robotic when he transforms.

    Brian Roses:
    65-years-old, born in America, and chief of the execution office. He carries pride in his work, but is indifferent towards his management. He was the best executioner, having had his flesh turned into a cyborg once, but he’s retired now.

    Killer is Dead is due for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this summer.











    赤い月 赤い月 罪を 犯した 者共の 穢れを 清める | Kill The Past
  • TurkeyTurkey TampaRegistered User regular
    Couldn't be coming out at a better time. :D

  • ReynoldsReynolds Registered User regular
    Man. Just pure style bleeding off those pictures. Can't wait to see it in motion. The main guy's simple suit works, but his face is a bit too plain. He at least needs to keep those glasses on, or a slightly more interesting hairstyle, or something.

  • TairuTairu Registered User regular
    Oh yisss

  • Ah_PookAh_Pook Registered User regular
    man this is looking nice. hopefully the gameplay holds up its end.

    So how could I ever refuse
    I feel like I win when I lose
  • DiannaoChongDiannaoChong Registered User regular
    I read your synopsis, and I immediately think about how were going to get wife-armed, only how cool it will be because suda51 did it.

  • Linespider5Linespider5 Eat at Jobe's Registered User regular
    Looks pretty, but I don't know if I'm seeing any actual gameplay yet.

  • DragkoniasDragkonias Registered User regular
    Sexy looking game. Can't wait.

  • EVOLEVOL Registered User regular
    Best looking game of all time? Best looking game of all time

    The looks are what I wanted to always see in a game. No More Heroes and Killer7 looked incredible but wow..

    If Suda is writing then I will die

  • Linespider5Linespider5 Eat at Jobe's Registered User regular
    I'm really curious to know how this game will play.

    NMH Hubworld?

    Killer7 Mission Levels?

    I have absolutely nothing to base this off of, but I'm thinking the latter is more likely.

  • reVersereVerse Registered User regular
    So, this game is basically No More Heroes: Let's Try This Shit One More Time.

    It does look pretty good, though.

  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Rogue The 24th WardRegistered User regular
    Well that was fast.

    Better do one amazing dub.

    赤い月 赤い月 罪を 犯した 者共の 穢れを 清める | Kill The Past
  • EVOLEVOL Registered User regular
    Eh.. Looks more NMH than Killer7 and that's definitely not a good thing to me.

    Game still looks awesome though, and I'm still hyped as hell. Just less than I thought I'd be.

  • DragkoniasDragkonias Registered User regular
    Well...as long as it avoids a lot of the tedium NMH had I should like it.

  • PsykusPsykus Registered User regular
    edited January 2013
    Really hoping this comes to Wii U with Wii Remote+ swordplay and aiming. There looked to be some shooting segments, judging by the guy with a big arm cannon thing in the trailer.

    On second thought, I wonder how many developers other than Nintendo are actually still going to integrate Wii Remote motion controls into their Wii U games, or if third party games are going to be all tablet all the time.

    Psykus on
  • Psychotic OnePsychotic One Never let an alligator... Do your taxesRegistered User regular
    I love Suda51 games and can't wait for this. I guess this is the spiritual successor to the KIller7 world but with the NMH style. Should mean at the very least that the game is going to have some pretty bad ass boss fights. Looks like, so far at least, that Suda51 got all his dick jokes out in Shadows of the Damned and Lollipop Chainsaw. And I'm kinda curious what would happen if Suda51 tries to make a serious as hell game. Could be interesting.

  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Rogue The 24th WardRegistered User regular
    It's called Killer7. Also The Silver Case and Flower, Sun, and Rain. Suda 51 had just about nothing to do with LC and SotD outside of a conceptual phase. He wrote and directed the first three games I mentioned.

    赤い月 赤い月 罪を 犯した 者共の 穢れを 清める | Kill The Past
  • JihadJesusJihadJesus Registered User regular
    Man, i love his art style so much. I can tolerate the gameplay. But literally everything else about his games makes me want to kinda punch him. Like, your main character is an assassin businessman and his boss is of course an assassin...stripper. Right. Because of course she must be a stripper. Why else would she be in the game? Might as well just make her a dude. Who sprays blood everywhere.

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