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Breath of [Phalla] III - Final Day - Teepo's World (Cultist Victory)

AkimboLegsAkimboLegs Registered User regular
edited April 2012 in Critical Failures
Breath of Phalla III


Many years ago the Goddess Myria sought peace for her children. In her noble pursuit she felt and method would be acceptable and created a race to exterminate the Brood, who she felt were the greatest threat to peace due to their massive power. The massacre seemingly removed every Brood from the planet for hundreds of years. But things were about to change. Some Brood have awoken from their slumber, and the war has begun anew.

The theme is based on the Capcom JRPG for the Playstation. It is relatively specific to the third game in the franchise. Having said that, familiarity with the setting is absolutely unnecessary, and will only provide the most minor of insight into the mechanics.

This is a Phalla game. If you haven’t played with us before and aren’t exactly sure what that entails, you should definitely read the link, and signup, using lime! There are 40-45 slots. This is a traditional village vs mafia with Hit Points.


Every day the inhabitants of the planet may vote who they believe is in league with Myria in bold red. If you later find their behaviour less suspicious, you may retract in boldlime, though this is not required if you merely wish to change your vote. Whoever receives the most votes is eliminated at the end of the day. Ties eliminate all players, but there is no trickle effect.

Voting closes at 10PM EST. Actions must also be in by 10PM EST.

Special Rules

The only effect to be wary of is that there is something like conversion in the game. Without going into the mechanics too much. You never have to worry about someone with a confirmed alignment within your networks converting and outing you all.

As mentioned above, there are Hit Points. Each character will have an HP value. Once you reach 0, you die. Should be pretty straightforward...

Order of Operations is

Heal > Guard > Seer > Vig > Vote

Playing the Game

Players are expected to post at least twice per day, and vote every day. Two absences will result in replacement.

Ask for clarifications in bold darkorange. I will try to answer them best I can, but obviously some things will not be clarified. Additionally - you may PM me with specific questions, and I will respond in the same manner, unless I feel your question is of critical import to the rest of the players.

I would appreciate invitations to any proboards created for discussions.

You may not contact anonymously, role-call, post your PMs, etc. Standard phalla rules, please abide by them!

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