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Double Dragon (XBLA, PSN) by Way Forward announced

TheSonicRetardTheSonicRetard Registered User regular
edited April 2012 in Games and Technology
Already showing some chops in the old-school department with their work on Shantae and Contra 4, developer Wayforward Technologies revealed that they are working with Majesco to bring an updated take on the classic side-scroller Double Dragon to Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. Double Dragon: Neon is an aptly-named 80s style reboot of the beloved franchise and is scheduled to release this July.

Double Dragon: Neon pits players as the familiar Lee brothers, Billy and Jimmy, as they fight to save Marian from a villain named Skullmageddon (Best. Name. Ever.) The gameplay is the same brand of 2D side-scrolling popularized by the original game several decades ago, albeit with even more of a wild, 80s flair.



Immediate purchase for me. I cannot wait to hear the inevitable remix of the Double Dragon theme, one of the best songs in all of gaming. I also like the art style - it SCREAMS late 80's. The original Double Dragon, along with the original Shinobi, are 2 of the most cheesy-80's fashion games I can recall. when I want to transport myself back to 1988-1989, I just pop either of those games into my Sega Master System and relive the glory days. These screens capture that feel wonderfully, especially the mullets on Jimmy and Billy.

I wonder if the twist ending will still be in.

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