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Shut it down, no more music. The end of Blur and Gorillaz

BucketmanBucketman Dyslexic PuppySkraggle RockRegistered User regular
edited April 2012 in Social Entropy++
So I guess
This happened.

In that interview Damon Albarn says hes done with Blur because the other guys "Are no longer daily musicians" and its hard to connect. As for Gorillaz? "Consequently, Albarn said he and Hewlett are no longer on speaking terms."

Well this sucks ass. I love me Gorillaz and have always enjoyed Blur. So lets talk about good music, weird inner storylines and cool music videos

NeoToma wrote: »
Is it a frog? A little dinosaur? Also he has the good sense to stay on all four legs. Look at those other two, standing on their hind legs, putting on airs. Do you think you're people? Pfft. Bulbasaur is the working man's Pokemon. Bulbasaur is blue jeans and big dreams. Bulbasaur is Bruce Springsten. Bulbasaur is America.


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