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PPC Mac Mini - Kernel Panics on startup... HELP!

FallingmanFallingman Registered User regular
Hi chaps.

I'm in need of some assistance.
I have an old PPC Mac mini, and as the title of this thread suggests - I cant even start it up without getting a kernel panic. I only use it to run XBMC on the TV in my bedroom. I either get a hang, a message telling me (in a number of languages) to reboot my computer - or my favourite is the text over the screen finishing with "We'll hang here..."

So, I cant boot into either normal, safe, or even single user mode. I also cant start to the OSX install disks in order to reformat. I can however open it in Open Firmware mode. For the technical, there's a brief story below about my adventures trying to create a USB bootable drive...

So, my question is this really... This old thing doesn't owe me anything, and I have a small portable usb HD on my desk, so I was thinking about cracking the case to install the new HD. Given my issues, do you think this will work? Apologies for the nub question, but given how early my kernels seem to freak out - would it even allow me to instal a new HD?

I guess my question is a) should I bother trying, and b) any suggestions? i.e. make the external USB HD an image of the install disk or something?



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