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hello and can you do me a favor?

qasdf456qasdf456 Registered User
edited April 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
hello guys first of all i'm korean and do you know

the used pax sivir code can use in the korean sever?

i was googling and find this 'penny arcade site' and it's pretty funny and big site i guess

so i sign up this site and i'll visit sometimes visit this site

by the way as above i want pax sivir code..Sibir code you're already using it can we?

(if you do that Then I get from events happening in Korea and I give it to you're)

You know what I mean? i used Google Translate

and please help me In some ways thx for reading

p.s. fcuking grammar!

qasdf456 on


  • ceresceres I'm just your problem Registered User, Moderator mod
    Okay, you can't use H/A to trade codes. I think once PAX is over there is a thread in the PAX forum for people who want to TRADE codes, and you can check there. Someone here might be able to answer compatibility questions, but you can't work out trades here.

    When you get your groove on, yeah I go blind.
  • qasdf456qasdf456 Registered User
    thx for reply But I can not find where is trade thread in the pax forum

    If you do not mind Could give a link to the site walk?

  • EVOLEVOL Registered User regular
    뭐라고 말씀하시려는 건지 잘 이해가 안 됩니다만 PAX 포름은 여깄습니다


    수정: 다시 읽어보니까 어떤 LoL의 코드를 구하시려는 것 같은데 코드의 '교환'은 가능합니다만, 코드 교환을 목적으로 가입한 사람에게 여기 사람들이 과연 교환을 하려고 할까요

    translation: just told the guy where the forum is and that it's very very very unlikely for anyone to be willing to trade with him

  • ceresceres I'm just your problem Registered User, Moderator mod
    Thanks EVOL.

    You'd have a better shot for trading if you had something in hand to trade with, and a promise of something later might even be against the rules. I don't believe you're allowed to use the forums to SELL swag either, so it's unlikely you'd find it that way. I don't think the thread has been made yet.

    Honestly, the absolute best thing you can do is PM @Moe Fwacky and ask him about the rules for swag. EVOL, if you're willing to play translator for a bit longer maybe you can start a conversation for the three of you and get the question across to Moe a little more clearly.

    When you get your groove on, yeah I go blind.
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